Dricus ‘Stillknocks’ Du Plessis and CMTrading – proof that hard work pays off

Dricus "Stillknocks" Du Plessis

Johannesburg, 27 May 2021: As African and European MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) champion Dricus “Stillknocks” Du Plessis gears up to face American Trevin Giles at UFC264, award-winning broker, CMTrading continues its partnership with the local fighting legend. With Du Plessis making waves on the world stage, it is looking to be a busy year ahead.

Director of Marketing for CMTrading, Jonathan Bergman says, “Partnering with Dricus was a natural conclusion for us. MMA is a growing sport in Africa and Dricus was the African champion in 2019 and 2020. His dedication in the ring inspired the ‘Trade like a champion’ concept, which links very closely with what traders on the CMTrading platform do. The story of Dricus’s life is an inspiration and a great example of what hard work and determination can do. Despite very humble beginnings and an abundance of adversity in his life, Dricus’s commitment to his craft has taken him to incredible heights.

“He worked daily on his sport and – much like traders must do in order to ‘make a profit in volatile markets – Dricus consistently honed his skills until he became one of the best. He is living proof that persistence is the key to doing well. Any athlete – but particularly a solo athlete who is not part of a team – has both failures and victories, and trading is the same. You learn from every experience and practice is the secret to success, even if you take risks along the way”.

After being African champion for two years, Dricus’s hard work continued to pay off, when he went on to debut at Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW) in 2018, becoming European champion in his debut fight. The win elevated him to number one in Europe and he was consequently offered a contract for UFC – the biggest MMA stage on the globe.

Now, Dricus prepares to represent South Africa on the world stage. Bergman continues, “As a company and supporter of Dricus, we are very proud to be associated with an athlete of his stature. It is testament to his determination that he has come so far. There is a very close link between Dricus’s success and CMTrading’s growth strategy, as the company continues to expand globally, with offices in Nigeria, Serbia and Dubai, for example”.

CMTrading’s sponsorship enables Dricus to focus on his MMA training on a full-time basis, whereas many other South African sportspeople often need to balance their sport with other commitments or jobs.

As an official brand ambassador to CMTrading, Dricus will be travelling extensively, to Nigeria and various other destinations; not only to build awareness and trust in the benefits of online trading, but also to participate in much-needed charity and goodwill initiatives.

Bergman adds, “Sport is a great vehicle for CMTrading to connect with people. Dricus’s role is to share CMTrading’s message and also to give something back, through involvement in charity events that ease the burden people have experienced during the COVID-19 crisis. Dricus brings a wealth of credibility and trust to the brand as a world-class athlete, and there is great synergy between the values CMTrading encompasses and Dricus’s success story.

“The overarching message we would like to communicate is that practice makes perfect. Be persistent. Go with a top trainer – or broker – just as Dricus has, and learn from a credible teacher that has an established education plan and trusted reputation. There is a great parallel between trading success stories and Dricus’s story. He is proof that focus can help you improve your life, just as many people who trade are doing.

“CMTrading is a community-driven brand and Dricus is the ideal face to connect with the person on the street. He is more than just a ‘face on a billboard’. He is an inspiration to normal people, who may take a page out of his book and choose to improve their lives.

“The world has gone through a devastating pandemic, and with Dricus’s help, we aim to give back to the community – through charity and experiences that add value to lives. We were fortunate enough to survive the pandemic as a business. And we recognise the need for community involvement and togetherness more than ever before”.

Bergman concludes, “In the months to come, we look forward to seeing Dricus’s career flourish and helping him get out there to share a positive message. As the COVID crisis slowly begins to dissipate, we hope that we will be able to connect more with people in the real world. We hope to see Dricus engage more with traders and ordinary people, to inspire an deliver the message that hard work and determination pay off”.

For more information on CMTrading, visit their official website at www.cmtrading.com or call +27105008026, and one of their friendly staff will assist you.

CMTrading is the brand name of Global Capital Markets Trading Ltd (a Seychelles company, company no. 104785).