DJ Jazzy Q Surprises Aspiring DJ Live On Jacaranda FM

DJ Jazzy Q Surprises Aspiring DJ Live On Jacaranda FM
Lungile Mabasa, Martin Bester and DJ Jazzy Q
Jacaranda FM and its Good Morning Angels initiative remains passionate about changing the lives of many people around the country. This week, the initiative joined forces with the Reach For A Dream foundation, an organisation making dreams come true for children fighting life-limiting and threatening diseases. One of these children is 15-year-old Lungile Mabasa.
Lungile had a tumour removed from his stomach and is being treated at the oncology unit of a Centurion Hospital. He lives with his mom, dad, and three younger siblings. Lungile says that he really enjoys soccer and music and his biggest dream is to become a music producer when he grows up like his idol Amapiano producer, DJ Jazzy Q.

The Reach For A Dream foundation contacted Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels to help make Lungile’s dreams of being a producer come true. During an interview with Martin Bester live on Jacaranda FM, the radio DJ announced that the Good Morning Angels fund is gifting Lungile with a keyboard, laptop, mic, and other recording equipment to enable him to start working on his dream of being an Amapiano music producer.

In a surprise turn of events, Martin revealed that he has another surprise for Lungile before welcoming DJ Jazzy Q into the studio to meet his biggest fan. “It makes me feel great to see the impact my music has had on a young child like Lungile,” DJ Jazzy Q told Martin Bester on air. “I love that I am able to inspire others to become something and do better in whatever they want to achieve in life. It’s very overwhelming for me.”

Martin, a familiar musician himself, adds that giving a young child the ability to pursue their passion is one of the greatest gifts you can give. “I loved taking hands with the Reach For A Dream Foundation on this Good Morning Angels initiative. Just because a child faces a life-changing prognosis doesn’t mean they need to stop dreaming. In fact, the foundation makes thousands of kids’ dreams come true a year and every time we get to assist and get the angels together, it’s a very special privilege,”

Martin adds “This morning when Lungile, an aspiring Amapiano producer, mentioned that he is a massive fan of DJ Jazzy Q and pointed him out as an idol, I had this amazing feeling knowing that Jazzy Q was in the studio right behind him. When he walked in, the look on Lungile’s face was absolutely priceless. A big thank you to DJ Jazzy Q for helping make Lungile’s dream come true. It was a huge privilege to be a part of it and it’s something I will never forget.”

Finally, in celebration of Reach For A Dream’s upcoming Slipper Day on Friday 5 May, Martin shared that the Good Morning Angels fund and the Jacaranda FM community supporting the fund, will buy 1000 Reach for a Dream Slipper Day stickers – that’s R20 000 towards making more dreams come true for children fighting life-threatening diseases, like Lungile.

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