10 French Phrases You Need To Know Before Jetting Off To The Rugby World Cup

10 French Phrases You Need To Know Before Jetting Off To The Rugby World Cup
10 French Phrases You Need To Know Before Jetting Off To The Rugby World Cup

As the anticipation for the Rugby World Cup reaches a fever pitch, it’s not just the thundering tackles and spectacular tries that can leave you awestruck. Hosted in France, this global sporting extravaganza presents a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the country’s rich culture and language.

As many South Africans prepare to jet off to France to watch the Springboks defend their title, Air France shares a few important French phrases to perfect ahead of the Rugby World Cup.
1) Je voudrais du champagne, s’il vous plait – There’s nothing quite like embarking on an international adventure and unwinding with a glass of bubbly up in the air. Given that France is the birthplace of champagne, Air France stands as the sole airline globally to offer champagne across all cabin classes. So, use this phrase to impress your flight attendant and enjoy some of the country’s best champagne while enjoying your direct flight to all of the rugby action.
2) Allez Bokke! – South Africans aren’t afraid to support their national teams loudly – and this chanting this phrase with other supporters will certainly make everyone in the stadium know who you are backing this World Cup!
3) Où est le stade? – Translating to “Where is the stadium?”, this question will be your guiding light on match days. Whether you’re in Paris, Marseille, or any of the host cities, use this phrase to ensure you reach the heart of the action.
4) Une bière, s’il vous plait – After a riveting match, there’s nothing like raising a toast to the victorious team or simply enjoying the lively atmosphere. “A beer, please” will help you secure your preferred beverage and immerse yourself in post-game celebrations.
5) Combien ça coûte? – This is a great phrase to keep at the back of your mind whenever you’re visiting France. Translating to “How much does it cost?” this phrase will be your go-to when purchasing souvenirs, jerseys, or that mouth-watering crepe you’ve been eyeing since you arrived.
6) J’adore le rugby! – France will be filled with rugby supporters from around the world. While supporters of many different teams will descend on the country and its host cities, the love of the game is what will unite fans visiting. Translating to “I love rugby!”, this phrase will help express your passion for the sport to fellow fans and strike up conversations that transcend borders.
7) Parlez-vous anglais? – Another important phrase for any visit to France, “Do you speak English?” is helpful for those moments that get lost in translation. Asking this question in French shows respect for the local culture and language while indicating that the language barrier has proven to have become a little complicated.
8) C’est incroyable! – While watching the many matches lined up, incredible tries and awe-inspiring plays will be aplenty. This phrase translates to “It’s incredible!” and helps you express your amazement with locals. Sport continuously proves that a shared appreciation for the game can bring together fans of all languages.
9) Quel est le prochain match? – The Rugby World Cup match schedule can get a little confusing, so asking other fans for an update could be your best bet to ensure you don’t miss a game. Translating to “What is the next match?” this phrase helps you stay informed about the tournament schedule so you don’t miss out.
10) Merci beaucoup! – Finally, don’t forget to express your gratitude with a heartfelt “Thank you very much!” as you bid adieu to this unforgettable experience.
The Rugby World Cup is more than just a sporting event; it’s a celebration of unity, passion, and shared love for the game. With these essential French phrases, travellers not only navigate the Air France flight, the streets and stadiums with ease but also forge connections that go beyond language.