End Time Events: yes, we do have it all wrong

Opinion by Jack Vorster

End Time Events: yes, we do have it all wrong
End Time Events: yes, we do have it all wrong. Image source: Pixabay

I recently published an article, ‘End-time events – perhaps we’ve got it all wrong’ in which I aired my doubts about the veracity of certain beliefs within the Christian world. After further reflection and study immediately after publishing the above article, I became even more convinced that we have a lot more wrong about these beliefs, hence this article.

For a very long time the Christian world has been caught up in unbiblical doctrines and teachings started by deluded individuals resulting in a score of modern day expositors of the Word coming up with the most convoluted array of interpretations of end time prophecies.

Slowly but surely, many are beginning to come to their senses, realising that much of the authoritative claims of the likes of John Darby, as well as the deceptive campaigns of those in charge at the Vatican, were and still are the work of the invisible forces of darkness for the purpose of misleading those of the Christian faith. These deceptions have caused overconfidence and complacency in Christendom so that when the unexpected happens they would find that they have no oil in their lamps.

It is not with disregard for the thousands who have lost loved ones that I say that the Covid-19 pandemic has come to our rescue. The world is now in a chaotic, despondent recess. The focus is no longer on the pleasures of this world – except for those making up the elite rich with their covert operations through the banking cartels and secret societies, who are further benefitting from the plight of the ordinary citizen. The ordinary looks to the front, to the back, to the left and to the right, but see no help coming from those directions. Now the only remaining direction is up. And that’s exactly what this world-wide plague is all about. Like never before, people are beginning to look up, now alerted to the ‘possibility’ of the Truth.

The world has been silenced by all the noise of hardship, despair and anxiety. I hope I’m wrong, but I seem to be hearing another silence – a real silence – in the direction of ‘up’. I suspect that right now there is calm before the storm of God’s judgement upon a sick (not a Covid-19 pun) world. This has no reference to Rev. 8:1.

Now just exactly why is there a mindset of overconfidence and complacency within the Christian ranks? There are those of the smug pre-tribulation rapture (we’re- outta-here) belief that are gleefully awaiting the moment despite the fact that Jesus explicitly stated over and over that it would only happen “at the last day”. They base their belief on Daniel 9 and the construed false teachings of a 7-year tribulation period together with further speculative assumptions to fit in with this teaching. Please see The Prophecy of Daniel 9:27 – Christ or the Antichrist?

Then there are those – including some of the above – that have been taught to believe that as soon as specific signs begin to be evident in the world then – and only then – should they start fooling God with good behaviour in expectation of escaping the tribulation to come. One of those signs is founded on the words of Paul in 2 Thes.2:3,2 concerning the timing of the coming of Christ for the saints. In this regard please see WHAT TEMPLE IS THIS?

Some of the other signs, over which much has been written are believed to cover the role of Israel in the last days; World War 111 concentrated in the Middle East; the establishment of a global antichrist government; the involvement of the Roman Catholic Church to orchestrate this transition; America’s cooperation (by the Joe Biden administration) with an antichrist movement; the United Nations spearheading this development and the compulsory mark of the beast for the purpose of conducting any form buying and selling.

All of the above supposedly forms part of the tribulation period from which many professing Christians believe they will be rescued. The reality is, most of these things have long since been fulfilled and what lies ahead is only the sudden event of the Lord’s final judgment during all the last-minute scurrying by the human race, both good and evil. This is when, “(the Lord Jesus) In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power;” (2Thess.1:8,9)

It is for this reason that we have to be in a constant “watch” mode – meaning, that in the horrendous turmoil sweeping the world in these last days our faith should be steadfast. The failure of a pre-tribulation rapture must not distract us to the point of unbelief and fear. “Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.” (Mt 25:13)

The evil, dark forces of power that are at work right now fomenting violent unrest, war, terrorism, death and destruction are planning to offer the world peace and security by means of the formation of a New World Order with promises of utopian bliss for all. This, of course, is nothing more than a decoy in an attempt to disorientate the Body of Christ to the point of fear and unbelief in the promises of God. The nations of the world will be subdued by the prospect of the new order of events to come. A sense of peace and security will prevail even before it becomes a reality. And then, “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” (1Thess. 5:3)

Indeed, the year 2020 has delivered 20/20 vision. We should all see clearly now in 2022.

And what we should also see is further affirmation by Jesus concerning the “last day” resurrection of the saints who “are alive and remain” at the conclusion of judgement. That affirmation reads, “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” (Matt.24:13).

Lastly, after the initial shock, it would appear that the world paid little attention to the Covid plague by returning to their entertainment and sporting pleasures in the midst thereof, regarding the plague as nuisance value and standing in the way of their worldly pleasures. The partnership of the WEF (World Economic Forum), the WHO (World Health Organisation),The United Nations, Big Pharma and others too numerous to mention, have more in store for the world on the way to their Great Reset designed to steal, kill and to destroy.

That heavenly silence is becoming a deafening noise.