One-Bag Travel

Ever heard of the one-bag travel trend? Well, it’s gaining momentum worldwide! It began to gain significant popularity and visibility around the mid-2010s, coinciding with the rise of social media platforms and travel blogs where influencers and travellers started sharing their experiences and tips for packing light and efficiently. Now, almost a decade later it has taken root, and more and more holidaymakers are adopting this trend.

According to Sam Pillay, Director of ekko, a leading lifestyle brand for millennials, people tend to pack far more than what they need…just in case. The one-bag minimalist approach challenges traditional travel norms by advocating for packing everything into a single carry-on bag, regardless of trip duration. “Championed by seasoned globetrotters and casual holidaymakers alike, one-bag travel revolves around the principle of packing only what you truly need for your journey into a single, smaller-than-usual bag.”

Benefits of One-Bag Travel:

1. Efficiency and Flexibility: This trend encourages intentional packing and saves time and effort, particularly if you travel frequently. It also allows for more flexibility if there’s a change of plans as you are not lumbered with tons of luggage to worry about.

2. Quicker transition: No queueing or long waits at check-in counters or baggage claim carousels at airports. Sail through security and park off somewhere comfortable until your flight is called.

3. Easy to keep track: Less likely to lose or misplace a single bag.

4. Cost-effective: Avoid the cost of checked-in and/or additional luggage.

5. Mobility: Much easier to move around with a single bag, giving you the freedom to navigate airports, cities, and various modes of transportation effortlessly. Juggling several heavy bags is no fun, not to speak of the physical effort involved.

6. Indirect environmental benefits: Reduces carbon footprint associated with excess baggage weight and transportation. Also requires less plastic and packaging waste to organise your belongings when travelling with multiple luggage items.

Implementing One-Bag Travel: Tips for Success

1. Pack strategically: When packing for one-bag travel, it’s important to choose versatile, interchangeable clothing that can be mixed and matched for various weather conditions and activities. Essentials include lightweight tops like t-shirts and blouses, bottoms such as jeans or travel pants, and a dress or skirt that can be dressed up or down. Pack 1-2 pairs of shoes and a jacket or sweater for layering and wear when travelling to free up space. Select quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant fabrics for convenience and ease of care during your travels.

2. Choose the right bag: Opt for a durable, carry-on-compliant bag with sufficient compartments for organisation.

3. Maximise space: Roll clothes to save space, use compression packing cubes, and consider multi-purpose items.

4. Minimise toiletries: Buy reusable travel-sized containers that can be refilled or snag the complimentary ones from hotels.

5. Do laundry on longer trips: Plan to do some washing midway to reduce the number of clothes you need to pack.

“One-bag travel isn’t just a trend; it’s also a lifestyle choice that can enhance one’s travel experience,” says Pillay. “It encourages us to be more mindful about what we pack for holiday and offers the opportunity to travel lighter, freer and focus more on enjoying yourself than worrying about luggage. So why not take up the challenge and try out the one-bag philosophy next time you’re going away? After all, what have you got to lose, other than unnecessary luggage?” she concludes.