University lecturers empowered with learner support tools by Scientology Volunteer Ministers

University lecturers empowered with learner support tools by Scientology Volunteer Ministers
University lecturers empowered with learner support tools by Scientology Volunteer Ministers

More than 60 student lecturers from the Tshwane University of Technology faculty of information and communications technology converged at Castle Kyalami in Midrand this week for a Learner Support Empowerment Seminar to learn about tackling barriers to learning using tools for life from the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

In its conquest to turn around the education level in South Africa, the faculty of ICT – information and communications technology lectures were dedicated to learning actual and practical solutions to reverse the disintegrating educational system in South Africa, and it is called “Study Technology”. This was the first dedicated seminar at the Castle Kyalami for an entire faculty of a university.

Study Technology is a method of learning developed by L. Ron Hubbard. It consists of tools and techniques that anyone can use to improve their learning ability. These same tools and techniques can also be used by the students and teachers to understand and apply the materials they study.

Mr. Mash Phurutsi, head of first year Computer Science studies requested the training for his lectures after catching wind of this Empowerment seminar that resolves barriers to learning from many educators who had attended.

Public Affairs Director of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers, Sandile Hlayisi who conducted the workshop said “Education is a crisis everywhere, not just in South Africa. It is our duty as a country to assist where we can. Our Tools for Life program not only empowers people to be able to overcome barriers, it also equips them to help other do so as well”.

After a brief introduction of the workshop, the lecturers started sharing their reliefs after learning about these powerful solutions, many being quite emotional. One lecturer said, “I will be very honest, I have been hit by barriers to learning since primary school. The problem is that we are taught to pass the test not to learn and apply, this training is different”.

“It is something everyone doing the course comes to realize”. Hlayisi added.
This is powerful knowledge that we all need, I am glad I came here, this is going to change my life.” Added the lecturer. The whole crowd cheered her on as she admitted to this fact.

Another lecturer said “Learner support is really needed. I have personally been impatient with students and I now realize that this is not the way to do it. We need actual solutions. There are actually no stupid students, only barriers which we haven’t spotted and fixed. This speaks to me as both an educator and a parent because parents also play a role in this whole system of labelling children. With this knowledge we can actually tackle the real source of the problem both in our schools and with our kids.”

“The barriers to learning are very real.” another lecturer commented and continued, “The problem exists and we have all encountered it. This is really powerful knowledge; it gives us hope to know that we can reverse the situation. I feel empowered by this, this is the missing ingredient in our education system and this is actually the solution.”

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers started hosting the Learner Support Professional Development seminar for educators and parents in March this year. To date, they have trained hundreds of Educators from all education sectors to rave success for free on this program. They do this to empower the sector to improve the quality of education as part of their humanitarian work
“It is an honour for us. Educators are our biggest future creators and it is essential that we offer them the support they need because they are responsible for building our society. We plan to do these seminar monthly for a very long time”, concluded Hlayisi.