Treverton kayak cross event

Treverton kayak cross event
Treverton kayak cross event

Recently Treverton pupils went to the Cooper’s gorge section of the Umzimkhulu River near Creighton in souther KZN to participate in an informal kayak cross event.

This discipline involves running a section of river of about 200m where certain obstacles in the form of pipes suspended above specific points on the river need to be negotiated.

As such, it is similar to slalom. This is a new discipline which will apparently make an appearance at the next Olympics.

After much time spent on the Thukela source-to-sea, these boys have developed into capable paddlers, and they did well here.

Jadon Davis ended up coming second in the juniors. That being said, there is much room for improvement, and we look forward to more of these opportunities. This event also represented an opportunity for Treverton paddlers to meet and mix with a diverse group of paddlers, the bulk being highly experienced.

After the competition, we had the opportunity to paddle the waterfall section. This involved a waterfall at the start of 2 or 3 meters, followed by a fantastic waterfall of 5m at the end. Two of our boys ran this drop, with Jadon Muller’s execution bearing the marks of perfection. We look forward to the next one.

Education truly is an adventure.

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