The Foundations of Writing an Effective Paper

The Foundations of Writing an Effective Paper
The Foundations of Writing an Effective Paper. Image source: Supplied

The more advanced your education starts to get, the more papers you will be asked to write by your instructors. Just like these papers are going to increase in quantity, they will also be getting increasingly difficult to do. This is why it will be helpful you to learn how to write an effective paper as soon as you can, otherwise you will find yourself being extremely frustrated and confused as to how to go about these papers. Papers are pre dominantly in the form of essays, and essays are usually required to be 4 paragraphs at the minimum. The number of paragraphs increases with the number of words. You should learn to divide your entire essay into 3 main sections: the introduction, body, and conclusion of the essay. While you can get help from websites like paperhelp org review, you can also find this article useful as we will be covering how you should be going about these sections in simple ways.

The intro

The purpose of the introduction of the essay is like any other introduction, i.e., to commence talking about the topic and make it familiar to the reader. The introduction isn’t as long, but it is the trickiest part to deal with because you have to make sure that a couple of sentences manage to grip the reader and encourage them to read more. The introduction should also have a thesis statement in which you will be concluding the main points of your argument in a brief sentence.

The body

Moving on to the body, which is where you will explain the points of your argument in more depth. This section is what takes up most of the essay because you want to make sure that you are covering all the important details as possible. Each paragraph of the body is meant to explain each idea in depth, and ideally you should have at least 3 main clear ideas that you want to emphasize on. You will begin each paragraph by talking about what the idea is, and how it is relevant to the topic of your essay. And then depending on your stance, you will support the idea by providing sufficient examples that you will have found through research. You should also make sure to summarize the entire paragraphs in the end in a sentence. The main reason of doing this is so that the reader can quickly skim through the essay in case they are short on time and still be able to understand the essay as if they had read the whole thing.

The conclusion

This is where you will be going back to your main ideas again, and proves to the reader why or why not your argument is valid. You should also use a tone that indicates that you are wrapping up the essay and that it is coming to a close. This should also be a strong paragraph so that it enables the reader to remember all that you have written.