Teacher Appreciation week: Celebrating all educators who inspire future nation builders

Teacher Appreciation week: Celebrating all educators who inspire future nation builders
Teneo Tutors Product Manager, Fay Williamson

In support of Teacher Appreciation week (2-8 May 2022), online tutoring platform, Teneo Tutors, celebrates the important role teachers play in providing a quality education to future nation builders.

‘’Teachers are uniquely positioned to contribute to stronger and better functioning societies that produce well-educated citizens and a well-trained workforce,” says Teneo Tutors EGD Tutor, Rune’ Du Preez.

The Teneo Tutors platform offers one-to-one tutoring for grades four to twelve. “Our tutors are hand-picked across all subjects in both South African and British International curriculums. Sessions are 50 minutes long and are offered in English, Afrikaans and isiZulu,” explains Teneo Tutors Product Manager, Fay Williamson.

Online tutoring allows students to connect individually with an expert from wherever they are in the world, receive tailored support in a subject of their choice, at a level and pace that suits their learning needs.

“Our tutors strengthen critical thinking skills to equip students to be the confident forward-thinkers that tomorrow needs,” says Williamson.

Online tutors allow students to work through additional content to ensure a solid foundation of knowledge, to fill in any knowledge gaps and stay on top of school work. In addition, students are able to extend knowledge beyond that which is taught in class, providing a sophisticated and rigorous understanding of relevant concepts.

“Whist our most popular subjects include Maths, Physical Science, English and Afrikaans we also offer tutoring sessions in a diverse range of other subjects including Computer Aided Technology (CAT), Engineering Graphic Design (EGD) and Tourism,” explains Williamson.

Most teachers have sought out the profession because they wanted to make a difference. A teacher’s true job satisfaction comes from seeing a child learn, grow and flourish.

“This Teacher Appreciation Week I salute all fellow educators who inspire and equip students to grow to their fullest potential,” concludes Du Preez.

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