Summer course: Why you should consider studying economics?

Summer course: Why you should consider studying economics?
Summer course: Why you should consider studying economics? Image source: Supplied

Economics can be an ideal choice for teens who want to explore a subject that is most relevant and close to the real world.  It is an integral part of wealth management, policymaking, governments, and businesses. Through its understanding and knowledge, you can solve significant challenges facing the world, such as employment, financial meltdown, global warming, and others. To be in this competitive field can be lucrative for you from a career perspective also. If you pursue it at a higher level, you have to be comfortable with mathematics, micro and macroeconomics, qualitative analysis, and management, etc. depending on what stream you choose.

A degree course in this discipline can help you develop a range of skills, including strong communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and more. As a result, you can try your fate in various places while applying for a job. You can approach the banking and finance industry for investment banking, insurance, accountancy, and such profiles. Besides, journalism, government posts, and consultancy are the other options to consider. Due to its universal application in numerous fields, you can feel spoilt for choices.

However, to open the floodgates of opportunities, you would need to take some concrete steps in your life when you are in years 12 or 13. You have to find out how well you know this subject and how passionate you feel about it. For help, you can join an accredited academic summer program. The course will expose you to topics discussed at undergraduate levels. Along with that, it will teach you to manage finances.

What to expect from this course

Joining a well-known economics summer school can be useful as it gives you a transparent and clear understanding of the subject matter required at a university level. You can notice a massive change in your thinking, how you grasp complex concepts and practical application of the knowledge in solving problems. The course will present you to vital economic theory and systems and their use in the current scenario. You will receive direction on how to analyse recent events, case studies, and news so that you realise the impact of the economic theory on politics, policies, and world economy. Precisely speaking, you can expect it to enhance your knowledge beyond theory and enable you to see its effect in every sphere of decision-making.

The comprehensiveness of the course doesn’t, however, curb its ability to cater to your learning capacity. You can get tremendous support and encouragement from tutors on the aspects of the subject that you find most interesting. This kind of educational atmosphere can lead you on to the insights into critical areas that have utmost relevance at the undergraduate stage. You can also come to possess skills typical of an expert economist. In essence, by the time you complete it successfully, you have achieved a lot, such as:

  • Dissecting economic theory in the context of the world stage
  • Understanding how the market economy responds to distribution challenges
  • Going into the depths of the inherent problems of the free market
  • Getting to know the functioning of the macro economy
  • Putting your views around the difference between developed, developing, and least developed nations
  • Learning about the fundamentals of behavioural economics that play an essential part in the matters of investment, lending, and borrowing
  • Having a critical analysis of the case studies concerning economic recession and bubbles of opportunities

Additional benefits of doing an economics summer programme

The distinct advantage of doing a short course in this subject is that your college or university application can get a boost, and your school grades can improve, etc. Other than these, you can look forward to learning from the best faculty of reputed institutes. Make sure to keep in touch with them so that you can reach out to them for guidance with college admissions.

Points to remember when applying for a summer course in economics

It can seem like a task to figure out where to study, especially when you have plenty of choices before your eyes. However, you shouldn’t let anything stop you from making the right decision for yourself. If you don’t want any hassle with accommodation and meals, you can join Immerse. The intensive summer classes, the painstaking breaks, hearty meals, lots of socialising opportunities, and planned trips to prominent locations can define your summer studies and holidaying experience.

Since you may still have questions around the choice of school, consider going through online reviews and ratings of the previous year students to have a better idea. Additionally, you should have sufficient funds available with you because a study abroad program generally costs high. You can check the official website to know course fees and to calculate other expenses associated with travelling and living in a foreign destination for a few days.