Ruling Fear of the Unknown with Momentum Insure

Ruling Fear of the Unknown with Momentum Insure
Nicole Capper getting ready to Bungee Jump

While people love exhilarating experiences, beautiful views of the cities they visit, and being in nature where they can climb up to the tops of waterfalls, fears can also be a huge source of stress. Former Mrs South Africa, Nicole Capper, went on a bungee jumping experience to help her gain control of her fear of heights and falling in this week’s Let Go, Let’s Go episode brought to you by Momentum Insure.

As a prominent figure who is constantly giving back to the community, Nicole is often thrown into situations that require her to think fast and, on her feet, – not only for herself but for the wellbeing of her loved ones. Operating in fear when you find yourself on top of a virtual or actual tall building can prevent you from making decisions that could have a positive impact and change in the lives of the communities you support.

You are able to rest assured that you would be safe, in the knowing that your short-term insurance partner is with you when in many instances when you have to face your fears or fearful situations.

The Momentum Insure Let Go, Let’s Go web series demonstrates how we use the science of safety to provide you with peace of mind. In an effort to help Nicole and her loved ones feel safe and continue her journey to success, the experience helped her conquer a fear of the unknown and gain her control back. Clinical psychologist, Bradley R. Daniels guided her through her fear into feeling safer and more confident.

The web series is part of the current Science of Safety campaign that seeks to assure clients that Momentum Insure goes beyond the insurance mandate of paying for claims, we not only keep both our clients and their possessions safe, but also feel safe and confident on their journey to success. “Momentum Insure understands that fear is uncontrollable, unexplainable, and tends to prevent us from moving confidently on our journey to success. Therefore, we have created solutions that accommodate human behaviour and help South Africans feel safe,” says Dipesh Radia, Chief Commercial Officer at Momentum Insure.

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