Reading For Meaning: community volunteer thrilled to help learners overcome barriers to learning

Reading For Meaning: community volunteer thrilled to help learners overcome barriers to learning
Reading For Meaning: community volunteer thrilled to help learners overcome barriers to learning

Boitumelo Maswanganye, a Scientology Volunteer Minister from Soshanguve details in a recent short documentary on Youtube on how the Scientology Tools for Life have empowered her to create a movement of assisting failing students with Learner Support Tools that has improved their school results. She describes how she has been using the Scientology Tools for Life to empower the kids she works with and aims to empower many more.

Despite the hardships and challenges that come with living in a township, Boitumelo found her passion for helping kids and pursued her desire to help learners with learning difficulties. “When kids drop out of school, they start getting involved in detrimental habits like taking drugs and stealing. They see no hope in education anymore,” said Boitumelo. “Kids need help from us as the community. They need to be able to understand what they are reading and what it means and how they can apply it. If not then what will their lives be like?We need to show them that we are here to support them and that if they feel like quitting, the Learner Support program is here for them and that they have a future. That is what Learner Support is, it’s that extra step beyond content deliver that you take to ensure the child’s wellbeing is taken care of”, she added.

Not only did she decide to help, she further established her own NPO called Arise and Shine in order to create an afterschool care platform where learners with learning difficulties can come and receive learner support. “At first it was tough. But now the kids are very excited. They always ask me when the next session is and their results have improved significantly, the program works,” continued Boitumelo.

According to her, understanding that kids are also human and are complex with their own personalities has also assisted her in understanding them properly. She gets them involved so that they can also experience that their ideas count and they are capable of solving problems. “The Tools for Life have helped me a lot because they provided me with the right tools for every situation. I know exactly how to help and encourage them now,” added Boitumelo.

“This Learner Support program has helped me a lot as a learner, I have improved a lot academically. I have seen it help others too. Without it, I would be nowhere right now,“ said one of the learners assisted by Arise and Shine.

“Thank you very much to the Scientology Volunteer Minister who have supported me a lot in starting this program. I have been able to create positive change and intend on doing more for my community. It makes me feel good and makes my life worthwhile,” concluded Boitumelo.

The “Tools for life” skills development program is delivered for free by the Scientology Volunteer Ministers as a way to empower communities and is applicable to all members of society. They host a variety of free seminars for communities and have trained thousands and thousands from their headquarters in Castle Kyalami on this effective program written by humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.