Principal of Embo Pre-School shouts for joy at the generosity of Johannesburg based beauty company

Principal of Embo Pre-School shouts for joy at the generosity of Johannesburg based beauty company
Bridget Bhengu (Corporate Communications Director, AVON Justine), Buyisiwe Ngongoma (Principal at Siyajabula Creche and Pre-School) Shelley Barron (Focus on iThemba) and Mafahle Mareletse (General Manager, AVON Justine)

Tears of joy filled the eyes of Buyisiwe Ngongoma, principal of Siyajabula Community Creche and Pre-school as she stood to receive a cheque of R60 000 towards the development of a Grade R classroom from AVON Justine on Thursday, 5 March.

Having been partners since 2012, local non-profit organisation, Focus on iThemba and AVON Justine have enjoyed baring witness to the fruit the Pre-School has harvested through the of investment of the beauty company’s Thuthukisa Together Programme. In 2017 a celebration was held to commemorate the opening of the Pre-School’s much needed renovated facilities, where AVON, Focus on iThemba, and leaders of the Embo community were honoured for their involvement in providing a bridge of hope when the gap of quality education seemed too wide to fill. Three years later the same stakeholders connected again to celebrate another milestone of development, as a donation towards a Grade R classroom was received by the school.

Speaking about the investment into the developments of the school, AVON’s General Manager Mafahle Mareletse shared, “This is indicative of our willingness to contribute to the development of a new generation of children that will become productive members of society and contribute meaningful change to the Embo community and the Country at large.” Mareletse went on to say, “These are the baby steps that we are taking to plant a tree whose shade will be enjoyed by future generations.”

50 guests attended the cheque handover, including Mr B. Hadebe chairperson to the Ward 8 Councillor, Mr David Shelembe as well as Embo District Induna, Ms. Mhlongo. Among the guests was Shelley Barron, representative of Focus on iThemba, who said that investment in early childhood development yields the greatest return and births hope for a country’s prosperity.

“Through our iThemba Educare Programme, we support ten Pre-Schools, like Siyajabula, by providing mentorship, facilitation of teacher and principal training as well as hands-on support in the classroom through the wisdom and expertise of our ECD monitor” she went on to share.

Buyisiwe Ngongoma, principal and owner of the Pre-School, was overcome with emotion, and her beautiful smile was contagious!

“I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to Focus on iThemba and AVON Justine for making this opportunity possible. I know the parents of my school will be very happy now that they can enroll their children for Grade R at my school too.”