New Bangkok International School Opens

New Bangkok International School Opens
New Bangkok International School Opens. Image source: Supplied

There’s a new Bangkok International School that’s opening in August of 2020. If you haven’t heard about the Verso International School, it’s well worth looking into. The school takes an innovative approach to educating students from the pre-kindergarten years to the twelfth grade.

Verso International school has partnered with IDEO, a design company with a focus on the future that’s based in California’s Silicon Valley, just south of San Francisco.

The curriculum is one that is new to a Bangkok international school, and most of the rest of the world as well. Instead of grouping students into single classes based on age groups, they take a new, innovative approach to organizing a student’s education into cohort groups.

These cohort groups are based on extensive research into the creation of a supportive and mutually beneficial educational environment. They are designed to allow each student to progress and develop at their own speed and comfort level.

Multi-age Education

These cohort groups feature students of two age groups into a single educational community. The groups will contain no more than 150 students in each, and they’re guided by a dedicated team of educators, led by a single cohort leader who directs the projects and lessons within each cohort group.

Each group will develop a sense of support and community that has been missing within the traditional curricula of the primary and secondary schools. The younger members of each cohort group will enjoy the support of the older students and teachers, while the older students of the group will gain confidence and a sense of well-being from serving as mentors and care-givers to the younger students.

Project-based Subject Lessons

The approach to the different subjects that are being taught is innovative as well. Instead of teaching subjects including math, science, and language in the abstract, as most schools do, this Bangkok international school takes a project-based approach.

The project-based approach fosters a real-world understanding of the subject matter. It also provides a context for the application of the subjects that is easier for the student to grasp fully. The students may be involved in several projects within their cohort groups, each tackling a different subject.

Community Support

Verso international School maintains ties within both the local and global community. These ties are with businesses, organizations, and universities that will add to the supportive, educational environment offered on the Verso International School campus.
The school feels these ties are vital in establishing a student’s understanding of how their studies can be applied in real-world situations and used to better society as a whole.

Education for the Future

The school feels that not enough is being done in preparing students for future jobs and careers in the industries of the future. By ensuring that students go through their primary and secondary education as well-adjusted, happy, and inquisitive junior members of society, they can better prepare them for the future.

There is a need for students to be future-ready to meet the demands of unknown technologies and unforeseen challenges. This Bangkok international school has a curriculum designed to meet those future challenges.

Contact Verso International School to learn more about the future of primary and secondary education and take a tour of their campus.