More community members empowered with Tools For Life in South Africa

More community members empowered with Tools For Life in South Africa
More community members empowered with Tools For Life in South Africa

This week, over 80 South Africans from various sectors of society converged at Castle Kyalami once more for yet another successful graduation after they all completed a skills development program known as Tools for Life provided by the Scientology Volunteer Ministers. In attendance were government officials, Community Policing Forum members, community leaders and a group of college educators who came all the way from the North West province.

The event began with congratulatory speech from the program director, Chloe Cardoso, who congratulated the attendees profusely for their achievements.
“There are solutions to the daily struggles of life no matter how difficult they seem and our objective is simply that, to bring knowledge and programs that people can use to prosper regardless of education, color or even religion. That is exactly what the creator of these skills, L. Ron Hubbard wanted when he authored this powerful program “said Cardoso.

The Tools for Life program, delivered by the Scientology Volunteer Ministers consists of various practical courses that address everything from communications, conflict resolution, how to improve learning to handling drug abuse, children, achieving goals and more.

The graduates were then taken through real life success stories of individuals who are using these skills to help their communities and for themselves. The presentation showed powerful people who are changing school results, becoming successful business owners, empowering communities and all from these skills they learned from the program. The graduates were more than inspired to become change agents in their communities and lead better lives.

One of the new graduates, from the health department, was very inspired after she graduated and said, “This program is exactly what we need to bring wellbeing to our staff and community!”

Another graduate, showing off his new certificate, proudly professed, “I am such a happy person today. These courses gave me lots of practical tools and I now want to share this knowledge with everyone.”

Many more shared how this training has enabled them to finally achieve their dreams and finally be able to bring solutions to their families and communities.
“This free skills program is given for free to the communities and it is our way of playing a part in creating sustainable livelihoods by equipping individuals with practical and effective skills ” concluded Cardoso.