Miniland Launches Diverse And Inclusive Doll Range In South Africa

Miniland Launches Diverse And Inclusive Doll Range In South Africa
Miniland Launches Diverse And Inclusive Doll Range In South Africa

Today, the toy industry is growing to a place where products are geared towards the needs of children and not just as a way for them to spend their time. There has been a massive cultural shift where parents are searching for toys which both stimulate their children while also representing their kids and being inclusive and diverse.

One brand that has certainly been a frontrunner is the Miniland group. When it came to creating its doll range, the group knew that simply following the herd would not have the impact that their company strives to make as a leader in the educational toy front. So, they pushed boundaries to create a range of anatomically correct dolls which are both inclusive and diverse.

The brand understands that children around the world want the opportunity to play with dolls that have a similar skin colour as them. Unfortunately, these are still incredibly difficult to find and the brand has made it a mission to create dolls that represent the African, Caucasian, Asian and Indian communities.

However, Miniland has taken their doll range a step further by making the range inclusive. The brand has recently launched an incredible range of dolls with Down Syndrome as well as dolls who wear glasses or hearing aids. These dolls further the conversation around diversity and acceptance.

Now, the Miniland group has launched their unique Miniland Dolls range in South Africa with various online stores already stocking the range. The dolls are available in two sizes (21cm and 38cm), come in eco-friendly packaging, are made of high-quality soft vinyl and have a light vanilla scent. The dolls also feature articulated head, arms and legs that can fully rotate allowing the doll to sit, stand or lie down. The doll is also washable – a great relief for parents. A range of clothes for the dolls is also available.

The dolls, which are designed and made in Spain, are incredibly popular the world over and parents and children alike have strongly embraced them for their racial diversity and inclusion while developing social skills such as empathy, tolerance and acceptance no matter what their race, sex or condition may be.

Miniland also offers its unique range of educational toys in South Africa. Shop the range on various online stores now.