Microlearning is a key component of KBC’s holistic training solution

Microlearning is a key component of KBC’s holistic training solution
KBC Innovation Manager Natalie Pitout

Microlearning is a key component of the holistic training solution that KBC Health & Safety is able to offer its clients. This is because once-off induction training is insufficient for learners to retain knowledge. “There is definitely a need for continuous reinforcement. We want people to work safely and go home safely to their loved ones. It is part of the learning cycle, which is an ongoing process. We developed these Microlearning modules to focus on high-risk work areas so as to remind workers of the risks, hazards and controls to avoid any incident from occurring,” explains KBC Innovation Manager Natalie Pitout.

Microlearning essentially comprises bite-sized nuggets of outcome-specific information that learners can study at their convenience and digest easily. These focused nuggets are typically designed and delivered in rich-media formats to enhance just-in-time training for learners, and are available on multiple devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops.

There are two different options for using KBC Microlearning: Learners can sit at home, work, or even in a coffee shop and log onto an online learning platform, provided they have a smart device and internet connectivity. The second option is to attach QR codes to a structure, for example, a work-at-height scaffold. Scanning the QR code gives access to the Microlearning clip, which details the health and safety best practice for the task at hand.

“Our aim is to take this amazing solution to market for our clients, especially the larger corporates. The main idea is that we want employees to be constantly aware of the risks and hazards in their day-to-day work environment, and the controls they must implement to mitigate that risk. We want them to be their brother’s keeper and to look out for themselves and their co-workers, so that everybody can return home safely at the end of the day,” elaborates Pitout.

The main advantage of KBC Microlearning is constant reinforcement, especially for induction or safety training. “People tend to forget, plus adults tend to learn in different ways. Some are more visual, while others are more auditory. Some require a more practical as opposed to a more experimental approach. In addition, you cannot actually reach everybody all of the time, which is a challenge,” notes Pitout.

Microlearning is part of an ongoing strategy on the part of KBC to implement as many different options as possible for both employers and learners. It can also customise Microlearning to specific customer requirements if required. “We like to come in with a holistic approach that is essentially a one-stop shop whereby we assist with a client’s complete learning and development needs, right from instructor-based training through to online training and Microlearning,” adds Pitout.

A key focus in terms of innovation is KBC’s blended approach to learning, which incorporates Virtual Reality, Practical Hazard Identification and Microlearning modules focusing on some of the major hazards in the workplace. Linked to this is the concept of the Virtual Safety Officer, which can take care of pre- and post-Onboarding requirements at, for example, a construction site. In addition, this can be linked to the Passport 360 Contractor Management System.

“Microlearning is but one component of the learning journey. It is an interface between all of our different solutions, emphasising reinforcement as a key driver of creating a ZERO HARM environment. It all boils down to individual accountability and responsibility at the end of the day,” concludes Pitout.

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