Meet The Millionaire Student Sashin Govender One Of South Africa’s Youngest Millionaires

Meet The Millionaire Student Sashin Govender One Of South Africa's Youngest Millionaires
Meet The Millionaire Student Sashin Govender One Of South Africa's Youngest Millionaires

At just 24 years old, Sashin Govender continues to fortify his legacy as an entrepreneur with his self-help curriculum called “The Millionaire Student.” He’s spent the past few months globally traveling to various countries for speaking engagements where he imparts knowledge from his own experiences and business endeavors to fellow up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

So how does a 24-year-old become a visionary climb his way to the top to become one of the youngest millionaires out of South Africa? After his parents separated, Sashin redirected his anger and emotions inflicted by their separation into an intense focus, reading self-help books, attending self-improvement seminars and more. Even at a young age, Sashin saw an opportunity to turn a negative, life-altering moment into a positive, constructive one that would profoundly dictate the rest of his life.

Last week from June 7-10th, Sashin spoke at Worldventures BootCamp in Dublin, Ireland before 6000 aspiring entrepreneurs. The framework of the weekend boot camp is to expand knowledge and learn new technique and tools to elevating a business or individual. In his speaking engagements, Sashin promotes four key points: health, wealth, relationships and spirituality. In order to achieve success, these four components must all exist together in harmony, balancing each other. Additionally, the Millionaire Student strongly encourages his audience to embrace the digital age and further, urges people to use it as a tool to “bridge the gap between online and offline” in order to build one’s dynasty. With social media now utilized as a way to brand oneself or their business, Sashin promotes the use of social media to optimize business models. 

His desire to share his expertise only grows as he turns his audiences into Millionaire Students. Coming up, Sashin looks forward to continuing his speaking engagements in Greece as well as other cities

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