Learning Greek Language with Cartoon Characters for Kids

Learning Greek Language with Cartoon Characters for Kids
Learning Greek Language with Cartoon Characters for Kids. Image source: Pixabay

Studying Greek will change your temporal perception. It is not a joke. You can master Latin in two or three years, but this will be more complicated with Greek. When you read Plato with (certain) ease, you will realize that this Greek does not serve you with Homer. If you study the New Testament, Sophocles will seem to you a different language. Greek Language Learning in three years, without knowing Latin or Modern Greek, is too ambitious an objective. Instead, consider it as a path of indefinite travel and, above all, enjoy the process.

Exactly the same as Christmas meals. The participles will cost you time to memorize and understand, but when you recover them a year after doing them, they will seem the most natural thing in the world – you may even miss them in your native language. The same thing happens with vocabulary, prepositions or metrics. Many students of Greek work like good cooked ones: if you let them rest for a while they are even better.

It never happened to me, but I’ve heard it repeatedly. My companions who did Greek as if deciphering a hieroglyph, until one fine day they got up in the morning and understood at first all those phrases that once seemed encrypted by Satan himself. In the end, this is connected to the ‘digestion’ of which I have just spoken.

What should I know before?

Modern Greek Language Learning for all time necessitates a good background, but do not despair if it is not your case. What you should know previous to is that Greek is extremely fun and that it causes true (and healthy) addiction. Its complexity curve may seem enormous at first, but it stabilizes along and ends up falling-unlike what happens with other languages. You should also be familiar with that the dictionary is a double edged sword. It will get you out of trouble but you can end up very drunk, unlike what happens with Latin. The most excellent thing is that you go making your own vocabulary, written, mental or recorded in mp3.

How do children learn Greek?

Greek lessons

Children begin to learn Greek as soon as they begin to see our Greek lessons filled with cartoons, shock and repetitions. Learning Greek for kids is simple with the award-winning Greek learning lessons.

Story books

The records of Greek books of our kids are a great resource for brood to be taught Greek. We have hundreds of Greek books for kids, as well as world classics, stories, goblin tales and books of basic images for both cut down and advanced students of Greek language.

Audio books in Greek

In addition, our documentation of Greek books must also has many Greek audio books for children with the functions “read jointly” and “translated into English” so that kids can pay attention to audio books in Greek and English.

Greek cards

You can simply download and turn out Greek flash cards on letter or A4 paper. The Greek flash cards have animals, different colors, numbers and more. 150 Greek language cards in total. Playing Greek flashcard games is a proven method to study Greek.

Greek games

Greek games for children include a variety of games such as the combination of memory, click and count, word wheel game and quizzes. The games are strategically placed after each Greek lesson to measure the child’s learning progress in Greek. Greek online games are often recommended by experts when they teach the Greek language.

Greek children’s songs

Our Greek language course for children includes ten popular Greek songs for children from Greece, and each song is presented in a colorful video.

Greek stories

Greek stories for children include fables, legends, folk tales, classics and popular stories from around the world. Simply press the play button and enjoy watching children’s stories in the native-speaking Greek language.