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Hairdressing Course

Welcome to the International Academy.  Cape Town’s leading hairstyling training institute in Health & Skin Care, Hairdressing, and Fitness Industry.  Having opened our doors in 1990 we have grown to become one of South Africa’s major suppliers of health and skincare education, serving both local and international students.

About our hairdressing course

We provide recognised hairdressing courses for school leavers and apprentices, as well as continuing professional development courses for licensed hairstylists.  

Admission requirements

The admission requirements are a Grade 9 school certificate, being fluent in English, and being available to attend a personal interview session. 


Our hairstyling course modules include reception and administration skills, occupational health and safety, salon services as well as salon supplies.  In addition, the modules include cutting, colouring, styling, and chemical relaxers.  We will also educate you on the tools to start your own business as well as manage your own hair salon.

After completing your course

Our three-year course, including one year at the Academy and two years apprenticeship, opens many possibilities, including the chance to travel and work on cruise ships, a career in film style, or establishing your own company. We give all aspiring hairstylists the tools and resources they need to get started in the hairdressing industry.

A qualified hairdresser has a wide range of professional options available after completing hairstyling courses. As a hairstylist, you have control over your income and working hours. Once you graduate, you can pursue the following careers:

Travelling hairdresser 

With the qualification from the International Academy, you will be equipped with the knowledge to become a travelling hairstylist.  Have you dreamed of exploring beautiful exotic islands or visiting numerous countries around the world?  Once qualified and experience gained, you will have the opportunity to work on luxury Cruise Ships while travelling the world or gaining employment in exotic salons around the world, most of which are located at 5-star island resorts.

Hair Stylist Product Representative

After qualifying you will have the tools to become a hair product technician or representative, offering sales of hair care and beauty products and services.  Hair representatives, often known as hair product sales agents, work for distributors and manufacturers to market and sell hair products. Beauty shops, salons, individuals, and other businesses are among their clients. Sales agents for hair products concentrate on expanding their business by seeking out new sales prospects. The International Academy equips you with the knowledge to sell beauty products that can be a lucrative career.   

Salon Owner or Manager

With our hairdresser course, you will have the skills and knowledge to one day become an owner or manager of a hair salon.  Our course modules will provide you with the tools to open a new business, understand specialisations for your salon, which can help you attract a steady stream of customers. 

Lecturer or trainer within the hairstyling industry

After completing our hairstylist course and gaining experience in the industry, our qualification will allow you to become a lecturer or trainer within the industry.

The opportunities are endless once you have qualified as a hairstylist from the International Academy.  Download our prospectus and register for our course today.