Geography Awareness Week: Inspiring responsible global citizens

Geography Awareness Week: Inspiring responsible global citizens
Amé Pienaar, Geography tutor with Teneo Tutors

In support of Geography Awareness week (14 – 20 November 2021), online tutoring platform, Teneo Tutors, celebrates their team of Geography tutors and the impactful role they play in building student’s understanding, confidence and practical application of this subject both as a discipline and as a part of everyday life.

National Geography Week was established by National Geographic more than 25 years ago and aims to educate people about how the decisions that they make in everyday life affect the world we live in.

“As global citizens it is important that we are up to speed with current and future geographical issues and are well informed to positively impact our surroundings,” says Teneo Tutors Marketing & Communications Manager, Sarah Ferguson.

Amé Pienaar, a Geography tutor with Teneo Tutors has always had a love for the subject. “I have an equal passion for Life Sciences and Geography. Both subjects are profoundly interesting as they provide us with an in-depth teaching about the world outside our windows,” says Pienaar.

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way in which we teach and learn, with online learning emerging as the number one educational technology trend. In line with this, the demand for online tutoring has sky-rocketed, with more and more students looking for access to quality online learning experiences.

“The Teneo Tutors platform allows accessible, live, one-to-one tutoring for grades four to twelve. We currently have over one hundred, hand-picked tutors across all subjects in both South African and British International curriculums. Sessions are 50 minutes long and are offered in English, Afrikaans and isiZulu,” explains Ferguson.

Online tutors are able to work through additional content with students to ensure a solid foundation of knowledge, to fill in any knowledge gaps and stay on top of school work. “I am passionate about teaching and love helping students to achieve their goals and to be the best they can be. I love using insightful and enjoyable strategies in the learning process as this brings a welcomed change and often assists students in grasping certain concepts that they initially may have struggled with,” adds Pienaar.

Amé’s advice for students currently writing year-end exams is to plan, prepare and consistently work hard. “Firstly, take a moment to breathe before planning. Set up a study schedule and stick to it – time management is key! Try and go through as many past papers as possible as this is a great form of revision and preparation.”

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