FUTURELIFE® and Nelson Mandela Foundation Celebrate Successful Collaboration

Building a Brighter Future for Vulnerable Children through a New ECD Centre

FUTURELIFE® and Nelson Mandela Foundation Celebrate Successful Collaboration
Nontuthuzelo Hadebe, the Principal of Mfundwentle Pre-school

Diepkloof, KwaZulu-Natal: FUTURELIFE®, in a landmark partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, is delighted to announce the successful establishment of the Mfundwentle Pre-school, an Early Childhood Development Centre in Diepkloof, Kwazulu-Natal. This momentous achievement comes a year after the launch of the initiative in Q3 2022, when FUTURELIFE®, in association with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, embarked on a mission to provide a million meals for vulnerable children across South Africa.

With a resolute commitment to addressing the growing issue of childhood hunger and malnutrition, FUTURELIFE®’s ambitious campaign set a target of distributing over 5 million meals to underprivileged children, while simultaneously building a preschool to grant access to quality education for little tots in need.

Keegan Eichstadt, Marketing Manager of FUTURELIFE®, expressed his deep concern for the harsh reality many of South Africa’s children face. “4.6 million of our nation’s children go to bed hungry and FUTURELIFE®, in collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, has risen to the occasion to drive change and assist in alleviating this pressing issue.”

The overwhelming success of the partnership was evident through the outpouring of support from both the public and corporates. FUTURELIFE® appealed to the nation, urging everyone to rally behind their cause. Their call did not go unheeded as countless individuals, business partners and companies shared their vision for a brighter South Africa and generously contributed to the initiative. Working alongside the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the national NGO, HOPE worldwide SA, FUTURELIFE® directed all funds raised towards fulfilling their goal of supplying 5 million nutritious meals through sustainable initiatives.

“Today, we stand proud to witness the culmination of this collective effort with the establishment of the Mfundwentle Pre-school. This exceptional facility is set to welcome 30 children annually, empowering them with early education and nourishment that will lay the foundation for a better future,” states Eichstadt.

Nontuthuzelo Hadebe, the Principal of Mfundwentle Pre-school, expressed her gratitude, saying, “This is a beacon of hope for our community. Thanks to FUTURELIFE® and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, we can now provide a nurturing learning environment for these children.”

Extending beyond being an Early Childhood Development Centre, the preschool has also been officially registered as an NPO, cementing its commitment to serving the community’s needs for generations to come.

The FUTURELIFE® and Nelson Mandela Foundation partnership remains unwavering in its dedication to improving the lives of vulnerable children throughout South Africa. Together, they have demonstrated that with determination, compassion, and collective action, we can pave the way for a brighter, hunger-free future.

For more information or to get involved, please visit www.futurelife.co.za.