Future Females launches the first community-based learning experience!

Future Females launches the first community-based learning experience!
Future Females launches the first community-based learning experience!

Future Females is excited to announce the launch of the Future Females Platform, the first community-based learning experience for anyone ready to invest in their success.

The Future Females platform aims to become the leading online e-learning platform and community forum for female entrepreneurs who know their business will only grow as fast as they do.

“Think community-driven courses, events, discussions, and incubation to help entrepreneurs build their future business and life, all in one place.” Future Females co-founder Lauren Dallas explains.

This latest venture is a learning experience built for women in business. Earlier this month, the company announced this new direction and opened the waitlist to the Future Females Platform.

More than 5 000 entrepreneurs have already signed up to the waitlist and are hoping to be amongst the first to test the new platform. Dallas also explained that the most engaged women on the waitlist will become founding members of this new venture.

Founding members will not only contribute to the development and design of this new way of online learning, but they will also have first access to key product features of the platform such as courses, events, challenges, groups, and the ‘Future Females Fund’.

Members can contribute to and be eligible to receive money, mentorship and incubation through the Future Females Fund.

“It’s our ambition to create a platform that has the most comprehensive but succinct business courses available, to allow as many female entrepreneurs as possible to upskill and have access to the resources, networking, and courses they need to be wildly successful in their business, in less time, with more joy, “ Dallas said.   

Learning from the best

The e-learning platform, launching later this year, will feature courses from renowned and achieved entrepreneurs, business owners, and influencers.

Influencer Babalwa Mcaciso is one of many South African creators and entrepreneurs to join the platform and teach its community members her strategies around personal branding. Babalwa has not only built a thriving community of 267,000 followers but also started her own business in 2021, a successful loungewear brand called BNM.

Creative Director Mike Sharman brings his unique storytelling to the platform to provide insight into creating viral brand campaigns and building a business with commercial cult status. The co-founder of Retroviral and author of Brandalism knows a thing or two about brand building, having helped more brands go viral, globally, than any other African agency.

Winner of the Forbes Women in Africa Technology and Innovation Award and one of Africa’s 20 New Wealth Creators, tech-entrepreneur Arlene Mulder is another contributor featured on the new platform. She will share her secrets to captivate a room and secure millions in funding in less than an hour through her tried-and-tested pitching process.

Devon Krantz is an experienced blockchain consultant throughout Africa and Europe. As a CEO and co-founder of Linum Labs, Devon wants to see more women be successful in the blockchain industry. As part of the e-learning experience Devon will teach a course on “How to stay ahead of the curve by setting your business up for the future”.

These are just some of the course creators you can expect to see on the new Future Females platform.

The five key benefits of the Future Females e-learning platform

“We wanted to build the exact product that my co-founder Cerina and I wished we had when we started Future Females almost five years ago,”  said Lauren Dallas

  • No More Overwhelm!

Step-by-step business strategy to remove the guesswork and put you on the fast track to success. We’ve tried and tested every method under the sun and selected only the highest-yielding, most reliable strategies to share with you.

  • Speed of results

We know that time is a scarce asset for any business owner. The Future Females platform will allow entrepreneurs to structure their business strategy, helping them get the results they need in their business – far quicker than going it alone. This new platform will offer reliable business strategies and dependable courses in every business area, making the journey to success simpler and more accessible for everyone.

  • The Tribe

Entrepreneurship can often be lonely, and at Future Females, we pride ourselves on being an interactive community that truly understands the journey – all the ups and downs, the fears, and, of course, the wins. Not only will you have access to our amazing community, but you will also be able to contribute and participate in community-driven events and initiatives. Connect to local and global entrepreneurs steps ahead of you through our member groups and regular online & offline events.

  • Clarity

Clarity of direction in any business is essential. Join one of our monthly community challenges, where you are supported to take the right action for your business with a group of other entrepreneurs, with Q&A support, gamification & prizes!

  • The “I CAN DO IT” energy!

Future Females is built fundamentally around this concept. Anyone CAN absolutely do it with the proper support, resources, and guidance. The world is your oyster, and your dream business is ready and waiting for you to make it a reality.

The Future Females platform will offer a space where you can connect and collaborate- physically, digitally, and emotionally- with other entrepreneurs and where we can rise together.