Full Scholarships, Tips For Scholarship Applications, And How To Write Scholarship Essays

Full Scholarships, Tips For Scholarship Applications, And How To Write Scholarship Essays
Full Scholarships, Tips For Scholarship Applications, And How To Write Scholarship Essays

Fees hikes have blown many academic aspirations with a thud. Parents and students are trying to meet the heavy demands of colleges and institutions. Australia, one of the best and the most expensive study locations, has an average annual college fee (considering all available courses) of around US$ 22,000 to US$ 25,000!

Full scholarships and scholarships in Australia

Scholarships are becoming increasingly important and are no more just an aid to the poor. Universities provide scholarships of all kinds, beginning from tuition scholarships to scholarships that cover everything. The latter is known as Full Scholarships or Full-Ride Scholarships that aim to cover not just the tuition and college expenses, but also the living expenses of the students.

Many private and government-funded scholarships are available to international and domestic students in Australia such as Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS), Research Training Program (RTP), Adelaide Scholarship International (ASI), Melbourne Research Scholarships (MRS), etc.

However, the competition to obtain one such scholarship is extremely high and hence you will need to compile and submit your scholarship application, documents, and most importantly the scholarship essay in a near-perfect manner.

Tips for scholarship applications

Apply in time

Once you have compared various scholarships and selected the scholarship program of your liking, do not wait until the last moment to fill out the scholarship application. The reason is that an application filled in a haphazard manner will not look neat, neither will it speak greatly about your punctuality. In hindsight, it can make the scholarship committee members think that you are jittery and not a hundred percent serious about the scholarship.

Seek recommendations

Adding recommendations from authorities and personnel that matter will greatly enhance your chances to hit the bullseye. Remember to provide the person writing the recommendation letter with details about yourself, especially your strengths. The principal of the school/university that you once attended or someone with whom you’ve worked in close proximity will add more credibility to your scholarship application.

Proofread time and again

This is a no brainer! Proofread your scholarship application (either by yourself or you can ask a friend to help with your assignment) multiple times to avoid any grammatical errors and complex statements that can be hard to grasp immediately. This is because the committee members will probably be scanning through hundreds and thousands of applications hence it is in your best interest to keep the language simple and clear.

Scholarship workshops

Finding it tough to make a masterful scholarship application and essay? Try attending a scholarship workshop wherein you will be thoroughly guided step-by-step and will be given the necessary application and assignment help to improve your chances of selection for the scholarship program.

Writing a perfect scholarship essay

A scholarship essay is perhaps the last and the most important hurdle that you need to surpass to get yourself a scholarship. The university providing the scholarship wants to know why they should select you amongst hundreds of students and what makes you the best fit.

Take note of these points to construct a winning scholarship essay.

1. Read the directions carefully

Sometimes, the students get a bit lost and go on blabbering about themselves and their qualities in the scholarship essay. While addressing your strengths is important, it is equally important to never sway away from the directions of the essay i.e. the points around which you’ve been asked to write your essay. Not paying heed to directions such as the word limit can lead to instant rejection of your application.

2. Understanding the key themes

Read the prompt carefully and single out the key themes, then build your essay around these key themes. Ask a senior or a family member to help you understand the key themes in your scholarship assignment. You can also use synonyms of the keywords to make your essay more relevant than the others.

3. Originality is key

Always keep in mind that the essay is about you! Never try to plagiarise your scholarship essay and even worse, portray somebody else’s thoughts as your own. It can land you in deep trouble during the interview which can throw your selection chances out the window. Keep in mind that no two scholarship essays can be the same and although it is important to adhere to a simplistic format, the words in the essay should solely be representative of you.


In the present education system, a scholarship, full or otherwise, will aid you to lift off your academic career. If you are a student who’s been finding it tough to open the door to a scholarship, the above-mentioned tips will guide you in securing a seat at your desired university.

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