Educators find solutions for barriers to learning after attending a Tools for life learner support workshop

Educators find solutions for barriers to learning after attending a Tools for life learner support workshop
Educators find solutions for barriers to learning after attending a Tools for life learner support workshop

Recently, a learner Support Empowerment Seminar for educators was held at the Castle Kyalami with over 180 teachers of all levels, university lecturers and Department of Education representatives. Seeking solutions to help their learners overcome barriers to learning, educators have been attending the popular workshop by the hundreds since the year began.

The workshop began with a close inspection of “Learner Support “and how if done correctly can actually boost our education system by over 54 percent. Many educators shared personal experiences of the failing education system in South Africa and how they feel that they really want to help their learners but don’t know how to do this beyond the formal delivery of content.

The popular workshop delivered for free by Scientology Volunteer Ministers focuses mainly on tackling learning barriers but also extensively cover other social issues such as conflict resolution, substance abuse, communication and more to empower educators with tools to tackle these issues prevalent in our learning sector.

The free skills program called “Tools for Life “is broken down into 19 practical modules which address many of the difficulties encountered in the classroom and in life.  Sandile Hlayisi, who is the program director for this workshop entailed the practicality of this soft skills and how impactful they are. In his words, these modules empower any individual with the knowledge to change any condition they face in life.

Mr. David Khumalo, who runs an e-learning platform expressed his joy about the seminar and said, “The Tools for Life program is exactly what everybody needs. Such an innovative concept! The Scientology Volunteer Ministers actually managed to put together a completely self-paced online learning system that is also interactive. I am absolutely blown away. But not only that, you also provide tools that nobody else has but that are indispensable. This is nothing short of revolutionary.

Gauteng Department of Education representative who was also impressed by the content said “We’ve been receiving such glowing reports at District level from teachers and other District Education Specialists who have attended your workshop. I must say that the entire day from beginning to end was an enlightening experience. The presentation was beautiful, the audience interaction was very positive and genuine and the content of the Tools for Life modules really hits home both on personal and professional levels. The 19 Tools for Life modules you offer cover so many areas of life where we all need a boost. It’s really impressive. I’ve never seen such a comprehensive approach like this before.”

Ms. Portia Ngamlana, Chief Senior Education Specialist from the Johannesburg West District Department of Education said “What we’ve learned today is that there are solutions and that something can indeed be done about the education situation in the country. If we all work together in a coordinated fashion and push for the training to be implemented broadly change will happen. It’s all about the mindset and if there’s something that hit home today is that it is in our power to make that change.”

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers also vowed that this Learner Support Professional Development Workshop for educators and parents is being delivered almost weekly and they will continue to do so for as long as necessary.

“The quality of your life depends upon your ability to learn – L. Ron Hubbard, this quoted inspires us to equip individuals with learning skills so that we can have a better society that is sustainable. Our objective is the empowerment of everyone so that they improve themselves, their families and communities all in the name of a flourishing and prosperous South Africa.” Concluded Hlayisi.