Does Too Much Homework Make Students Poor In Class?

Does Too Much Homework Make Students Poor In Class

Homework is an essential part of any child’s academic growth. It involves the student outside of class, holds and equips different values for all age groups — values such as organization, time management and the ability to think outside the box.

On the other hand, homework has its negative side effects on children if given in excess. Too much homework may hinder the student from completing their work and therefore depending on their guardians for help because they are mentally worn out hence outpouring the stated advantages on assignments.

Most of these side effects hinder or alter the child’s performance in their academic work where some students purely do their assignments to please the teacher and get awarded points other than for learning purposes. In conclusion, too much homework may lead to a student’s poor performance in class as seen in the next sub-heading.

Disadvantages Of Too Much Homework

Excessive assignments affect not only a student’s performance in class but also their developmental skills, physical life, social life, and their general health as well as other essential life skills. It also alters their attitude to education, therefore, hindering their overall grades.

A student’s health is very important in maintaining an exemplary performance. This is so because factors such as unhealthy stress as a result of too much homework, sleep deficiency and other health problems as well such as headaches, weight loss, and exhaustion all contribute to poor performance.

The student’s social life is affected mainly because they tend not to have time to interact with their peers or schoolmates hence limiting them from interacting or exchanging information and ideas even where school work is involved therefore playing a role in a pupil’s poor grades. Too much homework also reduces the number of hours that a student requires to actively function and operate in. It makes them have a reduced cognitive ability in class which in turn leads to low productivity in their class work. Insufficient amount of sleep can cause a student to have an irritable behavior that is not right for not only the pupil but other students as well.

However, for the pupils to be keen, alert, and ready to learn in school, they have to have the right amount of sleep required for the different age groups by creating a consistent sleeping routine.

Ways In Which Parents Can Help Students Deal With Too Many Assignments

It is the responsibility of every parent to be accountable to their child’s health and welfare. In so doing, they should be alert in realizing when the child is overwhelmed with homework and identify the necessary solution.

The first step should be recognizing the problem and finding the appropriate way to deal with it. After identifying the problem, plan on visiting your child’s tutor if need be to assist in the learning process. You also regularly have to check on the level of attention your kid has at this moment by regulating the number of distractions and by assisting them in understanding that attention is their key to having a successful academic life.

Also, you can also regulate the number of distractions by ensuring they have a convenient study place that is comfortable and well lit.

Are there Alternatives To Homework?

Yes, alternatives are several. Sites such as WebAssign are offering online classes for all subjects such as math, chemistry, physics, and biology among others. The key point is that there are companies that are offering online homework classes help. The good thing with these online classes is that they help students to focus on other things as they hire someone to help them with their algebra, calculus, or math problem.

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