Class 12 Maths: Tips To Top Your Class

Class 12 Maths: Tips To Top Your Class
Class 12 Maths: Tips To Top Your Class

When a student enters the senior level, Class 12 becomes an important chapter of his/her career as they take some decisions for their life. To move on in life, students have to cross a hurdle known as the “Class 12 Board Examination”. They have to clear the exams so that they can apply to a reputed college for further studies. So, to do their best in this exam, they have to take Class 12 seriously.

Maths is one of those vital subjects that is included in the Class 12 syllabus. But it is the most complicated subject too. Many queries revolve in a student’s mind when Board Examination comes near. They always try to find ways for scoring good marks in this subject as it is an application-based subject.

Mathematics is not a theory-based subject, so students cannot learn it and this drawback gives rise to the fear in student’s minds for the subject. These students desire to score above 90% in the Class 12 Board Examination. For this, they have to study hard and have to focus on every subject. But some students are unable to prepare for Maths Examination as they find this subject a tough one.

If students want to top their class, then they have to obey some tips that are given below:

Know About The New Pattern of Maths Board Examination Class 12.

Here’s the new pattern of Maths question paper:

Section A – 16 questions (1 mark each)
Section B –10 questions (2 marks each)
Section C –7 questions (3 marks each)
Section D –3 questions (5 marks each)

Have Knowledge About Your Syllabus.

Knowing about the exam pattern is not enough. A student must also know the syllabus provided by the CBSE. They should cover all the concepts and topics so that they can score well in their exams. Also, the exam paper is based on the NCERT Maths book of Class 12.

Work Out On Latest Sample Paper Provided by the CBSE.

Every year CBSE circulates various sample papers so that students can practice them. By practicing them, they can get an idea about the examination paper and helps them to score good marks in the exam.

Notes Are Necessary.

Create handwritten notes for easy learning. Formulas are important to solve problems. So you must remember all the formulas till your exam comes. For this purpose, you can make notes for the formulas.

Develop a schedule.

Prepare a timetable to lend time to all the subjects. Studying Maths for long periods becomes tedious. To have a favorable result, focus on every subject. Solve questions to understand a specific concept.

Find Solutions For Your Doubts.

When students solve questions, they get stuck in finding answers for the problems. This will result in a loss of interest in students. So to maintain interest in the subject, it is important to solve your queries. Also, this will help them to comprehend the topics easily.

Refresh Yourself.

Have a break after studying for 2 to 3 hours. This will enable your mind to concentrate on your studies. Do not strain your eyes and pressurize yourself too much. Give some time to do creative things. Play indoor or outdoor games to keep your body and mind fit.

Thoroughly Go Through The NCERT Maths Book Of Class 12.

According to the CBSE curriculum, it is seen that most of the questions are from the NCERT Maths textbook of Class 12. So, practice all the questions of this book for a better understanding of the chapter. Also, this book will assists you in giving your best in the examination.

Try To Use Other Reference Books Also.

For the preparation of the exams, a student should focus on the NCERT book of Maths Class 12. After solving the NCERT book, students can use other study materials like guidebooks for Maths to prepare well for the exams. These reference books offer a variety of questions so students can solve them to make a strong grip on the chapters.

Test Your Skills.

As your exams approach, test yourself by solving the previous years’ question papers. This will let you know that how much you have grasped the concepts. Try to solve the paper within the time of 3 hours. By solving these papers, you will get the hint about the main examination paper and your writing speed will also get improved.

Maintain Your Answer Sheet.

It is advised that, to score good marks and to make a nice impression on the examiner, try to keep your answer sheet clean and simple. Use only black and blue pens for writing answers instead of using other colored pens. Attempt questions in order. Bold the obtained result of the question. Avoid unnecessary scratching of lines in your answer. Solve the questions in steps.

Day Before The Exam.

Keep yourself calm and do not stress yourself before the day of examination. Avoid learning new concepts as this will create chaos in your mind and you will forget what you have learned so far. Eat healthy food and take proper sleep for 7 to 8 hours this will keep you fresh on the day of examination.

Things To Do In The Examination Room.

When you enter the examination hall, try to keep yourself cool as much as possible. After the distribution of the question paper, try to be calm and gather all the data that you have learned for the examination. Read the question paper carefully and attempt first the questions that you know well. After finishing your paper, revise your answer sheet.


Students sometimes are unable to solve NCERT questions. They are always in search of NCERT Solutions. Now they can get these solutions everywhere on the internet. They can even download the PDF of NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths. These PDF files will help them in solving the questions and they can study offline also.

The tips mentioned above will encourage students to perform well and to score above 90% marks in the Maths Board Examination of Class 12. And if they succeed in having a good result, then they may top in their class.