Celebrating the crucial role women play in education in our country

Celebrating the crucial role women play in education in our country
Jackie Cook Teneo Education COO

In celebration of Women’s month, Teneo, Africa’s No. 1 School in the Cloud, honours the crucial role women play in education in our country.

“We value the important role female teachers’ play and the positive influence they have in educating, mentoring and guiding the youth of our country to become productive members of society,” says John Shaw – CEO, Teneo Education.

Teneo is proud to have a strong, diverse female leadership within the organization. Over 85% of Teneo’s teachers are women with an impressive 98% holding leadership roles such as subject heads, phase heads, head of grade and head of school.

One of Teneo’s leading ladies is Jackie Cook, who has been with Teneo School since its inception in 2018. Jackie started as an English teacher and was then appointed Academic Head. She was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2020 and has been instrumental in Teneo’s considerable growth over the past three years.

“It has been an exciting journey filled with many milestones and achievements. There have been some seasons of extreme learning and growth, both professionally and personally, but I would do it all again in a heartbeat,” says Jackie

Teneo started with a few hundred students in 2018 and in line with the growing trend in online schooling, now have three schools, offering both South African and British curriculums, with over 480 teachers who offer live online lessons to over 8 000 students.

“To be a part of a dynamic, progressive online school among a high calibre of strong, dedicated and passionate women is truly an honour. I am proud that our teachers stimulate conversation and debate, strengthen critical thinking skills and provide a quality education that is instrumental in shaping confident forward-thinkers who will go on to become adult change makers,” concludes Jackie.

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