Brand-new hope restored for youth failing in school.

Lerato Chauke
Lerato Chauke

A recent Scientology Volunteer Ministers program is bringing hope for youth. One of the thousands of people who completed all 19 Tools for Life courses from the VMs started an after-school Learner Support program called “Read Aloud Program”. It not only “revives” learners who had given up on study, but it interests them to complete school and even continue further. Along with that comes the fact that the scores of the learners going through the program went from not passing their grades to getting up to 90% now.

Lerato Chauke, who herself graduated from the 19 Scientology Volunteer Minister courses from L. Ron Hubbard, decided to apply to her life and her community one of the practical tools she had just learned. Knowing how study is a catastrophe in her community and even her own family, of all 19 courses, she picked the Technology of Study to apply in her area. This consists in getting the learners to read a text aloud and ensure they do not pass words they do not understand, but clarify them in a proper dictionary. Having noticed how many kids drop out of schools, she thought that that course would be the best tool to use to change her area. And it worked.

“We went from a handful of kids to a few dozens in a very quick space of time. Word of mouth went like wild fire. All my learners come on a regular basis and they visibly improve very rapidly,” said Lerato, the head of the program.

Lerato’s mother and the rest of her family were also involved. When facing obstacles to overcome, her mother kept motivating her to continue. Together, they persisted and pushed through. Now looking at the smiling faces of the learners leaving the training and coming back all excited the day after, Lerato is happy she pushed through.

“I am really thrilled when I see the learners happy to continue learning and interested in their study,” says Lerato.

She is especially proud of two main results from her learners. “My own brother who had failed grade 10 three times and who had given up study completely now wants to complete school and even further his studies. Another learner is now so happy with the way he progresses in his study that he decided to quit drugs. Now that he understands what was wrong in his study, there is no more “need” for drugs. That makes it all so worthwhile,” added Lerato. “While it gives the learners a brand-new look at their study and hope for a better life, I am aware it also gives their parents hope that their kids will succeed and it gives me hope to a better community. It is worth everything to me,” concluded Lerato.