Best States to Study Massage Therapy


There are many different options to consider when deciding where to study massage therapy.

Massage therapy is growing in popularity as a profession as well as among consumers. This means there are more states than ever before where you can obtain a massage therapy degree. Listed below are three of the best states to obtain a degree in this field.


There are no shortages of massage therapy schools in the beautiful state of Colorado.

It is home to the famed Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado which has been training students since 1986. The instructors at this school are all practicing massage therapists to ensure high-level training of the students. With small class sizes, you are sure to receive time and dedication from the instructors. While this is a highlighted school for its expertise, there is an abundance of institutes specializing in massage therapy to choose from.

No matter where you are in the state, you will find a school within a reasonable distance. Don’t forget that school shouldn’t be all work and no play. While you’re not hitting the books, you could be hitting the trails. Colorado is known for some of the best hiking in America.


California has massage therapy institutes at which students may choose between several program choices.

These programs include hot stone massage, sports massage, and massage of the geriatric population. California has programs that take as little as 500 to 600 hours to complete as opposed to programs that require over 1,000 hours for completion. You don’t have to settle for a certain city in California because there are massage schools in L.A., San Jose, and San Diego just to name a few.

Upon graduation, you could work in one of the highest paying markets in the nation, Santa Rosa. What better state to learn massage therapy than the beautiful ocean side state of California.

New York

New York, the place where dreams come true. It could be just the place for you to achieve your massage therapy dream. The coursework offered by massage therapy schools in the big apple will focus on anatomy, professional development, as well as many different massage techniques. Do your research because there are plenty of schools offering different kinds of massage therapy degrees.

Studying in New York will put you in a position to be amongst some extremely affluent individuals. After completion of your chosen course, you could earn a salary of over $50,000 a year compared to the national average of about $40,000 a year. That sounds great, right? With all of the perks of choosing New York for your place of schooling, there is a catch.

You are required to complete a minimum of 1,000 hours of coursework before you can become certified. In the long run, the position you put yourself in by choosing New York for your degree is a powerful one.

With all of the money flowing through the city and the abundance of potential customers, it is a fantastic place to study massage therapy.

I hope that this list helps in your quest to find a state to study the ever-growing profession of massage therapy.

Whether you choose the mountains of Colorado, the beautiful beaches of California, or the always-bustling New York, there will be a school that fits you.

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