Best Education Conferences You Have to Visit This Year

Best Education Conferences You Have to Visit This Year
Best Education Conferences You Have to Visit This Year

Educational world is full of annual conferences all over the globe. Each one of them is meant to gather professionals of the sphere and create a comfortable atmosphere for people to make new acquaintances, share their ideas, news, or useful student resources.

With each passing year, the network of connections enlarges and spreads attracting new like-minded members. All these conferences, symposiums, and summits have their own agendas and the common goal to make our future better through education.

Many ed forums become international and bring a whole new level of attention to their cause. Generally, the conferences are open to anybody who is not indifferent to their goals.

Education is a constant part of our lives, no matter where we come from or what we do. So, it is time to finally acknowledge a great role it has for our future and make a contribution to the future of our kids.

That is why we’ve decided to highlight some of the best education conferences 2018 and share them with you. Finding a good education portal, you will see lists with hundreds of conference names that are held almost every day. Though our list can be ten times bigger, with all those important gatherings of the educational sphere, we’ve gathered a few that have the most substantial influence on the community and gladly welcome everybody interested in their goals, even if you want to be a simple visitor.

  1. ISTE Conference

Every year, this conference inspires thousands of students to connect their lives with innovative educators. The ISTE conference 2018 is a place where the greatest education minds of our century connect. This is a great opportunity to get to know the brightest people, communicate with them, and create useful connections. Dozens of speakers present at the Expo share their knowledge and experience with the young spectators.

This year, it will take place on June 24-27 in Chicago. Though the city may not be the center of the education industry, this is a suitable location for any conference. Among the speakers, you will see an amazing neuroscientist David Eagleman who has written a book The Brain: The Story of You. Also, an educator leader, Katie Martin, Ph.D. has prepared her own speech to share her knowledge with you. The full list of ISTE speakers can be found on the main page of the conference.

  1. NAFSA Conference

The NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo is a special event that gathers hundreds of people under its roof. This is one of the main international education events of the year. This professional learning network combines students and experts in the sphere and provides them with a great chance to learn from each other.

NAFSA 2018 unites more than 10,00 people all over the world and brings them closer to the international institutions and organizations. If you are not ready for the attention of such scale yet, welcome to the NAFSA Regional Conference that is less enormous and is held in a relatively small circle of the best students.

However, you will greatly regret if you miss the chance to see and talk with NAFSA Association of International Educators.

This year, it is held on May 27 – June 1 in Philadelphia.

  1. AEJMC Conference

The AEJMC conference gathers great educators and administrators in one location. During four days, you can display your work or simply communicate with other guests attending various sessions. The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication has a mission to enhance the standards of education, to promote journalism research, and protect the freedom of communication.

The association holds annual conferences meant to broaden the journalism and mass communication network.

Educators can register for one of the booths and display their products for 18 hours total. The exhibitor ticket price is $725.

Anyone with published education books can also send them to be displayed in one of the booths. The price for the first title is $75; the following books come with a cheaper tag.

The early bird AEJMC 2018 member registration is open until July 9 and costs only $195. Non-members are also welcome to attend, though the tickets are more expensive.

  1. ITEEA

The ITEEA conference is an annual event that builds bridges within the education community. It mainly focuses on the benefits new technologies and engineering bring to the system of education. 2018 is a special year as it marks the 80th anniversary of the conference. It will take place in Atlanta, April 12-18. During this week, its guests will be able to participate in numerous sessions, workshops, action labs, social events, and so on.

The registration for the event is open to everybody and can be done online. To help all of the guests to feel free in the hectic schedule of the event, the organization has created a special app that would help all members to orient, mark the most interesting sessions, workshops, etc.

The International Technological University is a great contributor to the event.

  1. GAETC

The Georgia Educational Technology Conference is dedicated to the professional development of educators. Every year, this event gathers educators from all over the world to promote the understanding of how important technologies are in our lives.

Last year, it turned out to be one of the best tech conferences 2017. So, the bar has been set high and 2018 will have to be even bigger. The hosts even had to limit the early registration seats to the first 4000 guests, considering the huge success of the previous years.

The conference is not a close-up event for active educators only; it is open to everybody interested in educational technologies. People have a chance to register as simple attendees for the event or try their luck in becoming one of the presenters.

In 2018, the conference will be held on November 7-8, at the Georgia International Convention Center in College Park.

  1. ASU GSV Summit

This Summit is all about equality and brighter future. The main purpose of GSV is to make sure that everybody has good future prospects with the help of education. Back in 2010, it coupled up with ASU to host an annual Summit to bring together thousands of representatives of the educational and business spheres.

Each year, the most successful CEO in the education and talent spectrum meet at the summit to collaborate and develop the network of connections. Year after year, the event is becoming bigger and bigger with thousands of new attendees. Among the most notable people, the Summit highlights are Paul Leblanc, Bill Gates, Condoleezza Rice, Andre Agassi, and many other worldwide known names. The event honors the Lifetime Achievement winners and many other people making the future of education brighter and building a new progressive world.

  1. FETC 2018 Conference

The Future of Education Technology Conference is the country’s largest edtech event. For decades, it has been gathering the brightest minds of the educational sphere in order to change the system for the better. Constantly driven by the fast-paced world of innovations, educational technologies influence this sphere of our lives to an unbelievable extent.

In the years of its existence, FETC has helped to shape the sphere and impact the lives of school districts, establishments, and educators. Joining the event, you have a chance to contribute to the cause yourself. People, behind the program, have years of experience in education administration, law, and technologies.

Every year, the Future Technology Conference welcomes exhibitors, presenters, and guests to share their knowledge and get the insight of the changes in education happening right now. Attend sessions, workshops, and simply communicate with new acquaintances during a few days of the conference.

While it may seem that some events are bigger and should have more meaning to our educational sphere, the size is not what matters here. Each one of them is a crucial part of the whole huge mechanism that drives improvement and innovations into our lives. Most of them are interconnected through certain members being a part of numerous conferences thus enlarging the community to an enormous scale.

It is the latest trend to attend several conferences in a year to make your experience more diverse and meet new people. And we truly support this tendency.

Each of these events has its own goals and the means of achieving them. However, in the end, it all comes to improving our society and making education available for all. No matter what kind of event you attend, a conference to meet like-minded people, a symposium to listen to the well-known experts of the field or a summit to share your own knowledge, your mind is open to the world of education technologies and beyond.

So, let’s make the change together. While one person can hardly alter the system, together, we are a force to be reckoned with. The contribution of each member of the society has a great influence on the goals these educational events hold.