A world where everyone if ready for the technology hype!

Our world is being disrupted by new technologies across every industry. Imagine in this context, what it must mean for the person who has never used a computer, and their likelihood of finding work? At Afrika Tikkun’s 5 Centres in Diepsloot, Alexandra, Braamfontein, Orange Farm and Mfuleni, we provide access to computers from an early age. Disadvantaged young people become computer literate, learn to code and use the internet to enhance their skills and find work. But many of our computers are broken, and we need your help to raise funds for 53 new computers.

With new computers in our 5 Centres, young people will have access to basic computer training. Alongside Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, our beneficiaries will have access to online courses, coding programmes, and most importantly internet access to search for jobs.