5 Ways to Help your Child Succeed in Elementary School

5 Ways to Help your Child Succeed in Elementary School
5 Ways to Help your Child Succeed in Elementary School

Whether you are a parent, guardian or stepping in to take care of a child, it’s important to assume total responsibility of his/her welfare especially regarding education matters.

  1. Offer Support

The most crucial part of a child’s growth is the role a parent plays on it. A parent’s choice to offer support or not may affect the overall attitude of the child’s active education. Taking part in simple roles like chaperoning a class field trip or even organizing and hosting sports events may come a long way. Whether it’s a public, private or homeschool, a guardian’s support is the key to a child’s success.

  1. Hiring a Private Tutor

You may be a single parent working three jobs just to give your family the best can buy. This means less hours spent with your child and therefore missing out on his/her overall progress report. It may not be your choice but rather a set of circumstances tying your hands. However, this doesn’t excuse you from offering support as you will need to find out your child’s areas of weakness and difficulty. As such it’s crucial to ensure that you hire a personal English tutor who will help out correct personal problems in academics or even sports on your behalf.

  1. Be Involved

It’s advisable to get to know who your child interacts with in their daily activities. This can be achieved through regular trips to the school and getting to know the staff who form part of the school’s environment.  A curriculum isn’t the only thing that defines a child’s time in school. He/she may develop socially and emotionally and therefore prompting your role to get to know who they interact with. Take a step further and sign up to be a member of the faculty and attend parent-teacher conferences to propose new ideas to improve their stay in school.

  1. Take care of the Basics

Provision of a child’s basic needs ensures proper mental growth. Study shows that children who have a healthy breakfast exhibit an improved academic performance and positive attitude towards learning. Making sure he/she stays well rested with ample sleep, allocated proper hygiene, nutrition and medical care will deter his mind from worrying too causing unwanted distractions.

  1. Praise, Encouragement and Motivation

A major confidence boost is what a child requires even is his/her report card reads something negative. Depression may cloud their judgment especially if other kids are more successful. It’s important to take the role of their best friend and praise their efforts and improvements however little they may be. Be their personal cheerleader, mentor and helper offering encouragement and advice on how to overcome challenges. Don’t be too friendly though; always make them remember you are their parent in case they take advantage of it. Finally reward them on any milestones they may have overcome as this will act as a source of motivation.

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