4 Signs of a Quality Summer Program

4 Signs of a Quality Summer Program
4 Signs of a Quality Summer Program

When school ends at the start of summer, many parents fear their children will become couch potatoes linked to their digital devices. Summer brain is a thing, as researchers draw attention that children who don’t continue to learn during summer lose the knowledge they’ve accumulated during school months. The solution to the problem is presented in the form of a  Cambridge summer program, which offers educational activities for kids during the summer months. While this program offers interesting, engaging courses, not all summer school programs are tailored the same. This is why every parent needs to know how to spot a high-quality summer program.adventure-1807495_640.jpg

Summer Program

Structured vs unstructured programs

There are two main types of summer programs out there: the unstructured day care type, which simply provide kids with a place to spend their time together until their parents pick them up after work and the structured, school-like program where kids learn new things. These two types of summer programs are also divided into diverse activities. Parents have to learn how to pick the best option for their kids, which is a touch challenge. Generally, you want to provide your child with a safe place where they can enjoy age-appropriate educational activities which can benefit them in the future. And you don’t want to break the bank either, so here are the signs to look for in a high-quality summer program.

Exposure to new things

A good summer school is going to expose the child to new things, from outdoor adventures to out of the box ideas and interactive courses. The goal is to broaden your child’s horizon by showing them how many possibilities are there. Cambridge summer school offers a diverse array of programs for teens and preteens, based on their likes. Most activities take place in the university’s colleges, which are interesting places themselves.

Diversity is important

Children react best to varied experiences, which stimulate their brain. Summer programs which employ diverse activities will keep the child interested, as they will always be eager to discover what they will do the next day. When you are looking for a good summer school check the activities list they provide: it should offer a mix of theoretical and hands-on activities.

Cooperation is part of the game

Learning and teamwork are very important in the educational process, as kids need to learn how to cooperate to achieve great things. A program which supports teamwork is going to teach them how to function in their adult life, where different people cooperate to reach the company’s goal.

Aim for more than a week

Your child needs more than just a week to really enjoy the new activities, so look for a two-weeks summer program or a longer one. You can also mix a summer camp with a summer school, to fill an entire month during which your child will experience new things and learn that summer life is not just Netflix and smartphones.

Planning your child’s summer education is going to have a long-term effect on their academic performance, so do your best to find the most suitable summer program for your little one.

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