10 Ways Use Mobile Phones to Teach English

10 Ways Use Mobile Phones to Teach English

There are more smartphone people on the planet. It is claimed in the different articles over the internet. This means that students also have a mobile in their classes. To stop its non-classroom use in classrooms, you can make the mobile phone a part of the classroom.

Here are 10 ways you can use a mobile phone to teach English to your students in the classroom.

1. Speed Chats:

The speed chat method is to send an image to your students in the classroom and ask them to describe it quickly for a few minutes. According to the essaypro.com review, implementing this strategy will allow you to create an interactive session and build confidence among students.

2. Describing Pictures:

Another activity using mobile phones is asking students to take a few pictures of what they want to describe in class. It can be pictures of their community, their family, their childhood memories, or something else.

3. Focus a Grammar:

Use mobile phones to correct and improve the grammar of students. You can make students sit in pairs and ask them to speak or write sentences based on the target language structure. They can do it by having a look at the picture you have sent them of some people at a specific location.

4. Wordles:

Create wordle and use it as a tool for your students to make sentences based on the words in the picture. You can ask students to use different tenses to write sentences on their notebooks.

5. Using Dictionary:

Share a PowerPoint presentation in PowerPoint or PDF format that has only pictures. Ask students to find two to three words from the dictionary that describe the picture. An offline version of Google translate should be available if there is no Wi-Fi connection.

6. Listening Tasks:

One way to teach English on a mobile phone sending an audio file to the students and give them a worksheet to write what they listen to or answer the question you have asked. It allows a student to complete their work by listening to the audio with easy as they can pause or rewind when they want.

7. Record Yourself:

Multiple mobile phone apps can be used by students to record sentences and conversations. They can follow a specific grammar structure and learn it accordingly.

8. Dictation Activities:

It is similar to listening tasks but a bit different as you need to send a recorded passage of specific pieces to your students and ask them to listen to it more than one time. Once they have listened they need to write what they understand about the passage.

9. Pronunciation:

A mobile phone can be used to learn pronunciation. All you need to do is send recorded audio to your students and ask them to mark different sounds of specific consonants, vowels, diphthong sounds.

10. Vocabulary Notebooks:

Mobile phones are study partners for students if used properly. To teach English to your students, encourage them to record and use new words on their mobile phones. A mobile phone can be a vocabulary notebook for each student.