Different ways to learn to play the guitar

Different ways to learn to play the guitar
Different ways to learn to play the guitar. Image source: Pixabay

When you start playing the guitar, you usually think that it is an easy instrument, that learning will not take long and even that you can achieve it self-taught or with videos on the Internet. It is possible, yes.

However, to learn to play the guitar, you have to be constant and take your time: learn to play the guitar, like any musical instrument, it is not done overnight, you will not be able to play it correctly on a weekend.

Even if you have skills, you will have to learn some techniques: whether you are a beginner or have learned some concepts (how to hold the mast, the most important chords, how to play with a pick), there is always something to learn what makes this instrument so interesting.

There are different methods to learn to play the guitar. With an online guitar course, private lessons with a music teacher, learn the basics of the guitar with a manual, an e-book or a DVD at home or play with friends: Acoustic or electric guitar, how to learn to play?

Next, we will describe the different methods to learn to play this wonderful instrument so that you can objectively decide which one suits you best.

Learn to play the guitar in a self-taught way

As a self-taught, you should be able to concentrate properly, have enough energy and motivation and be able to find all the useful information to learn the essentials, not to waste time with what is not important and to practice the exercises. This requires a lot of willpower.

The first instinct when you have a guitar in your hands is to play it alone at home or better, play with friends. Some of them may be better than you, so you can learn interesting things.

And you can take advantage of the emulation that is created when playing in a group: you can listen, observe and chat with your friends about this or that technique, so you will receive some tips to improve your level.

There are many methods on paper: you have at your disposal a lot of books and other specific methods for a particular guitar style (acoustics, rock, blues, reggae, flamenco, etc.) in specialized stores.

However, with these books and methods you will learn the basics, do exercises and play a few pieces to get started on the guitar, but they will not make you progress beyond a certain point.

Sometimes, the methods include a CD or DVD, to listen to the audio samples.

Videos to learn to play the guitar

Another way is to watch videos: this technique allows you to directly access interesting chapters or at least those that correspond to your level.

With this material, the sound quality is perfect, as is the image, so you can observe in detail the placement of the hands and fingers, the different chord chains, the position of the body, etc.

This method is very effective, as it provides sound and visual examples, as if you were face to face with a teacher, but without benefiting from the interaction with him.

Learn to play the guitar online

Another increasingly popular method: Internet. It cannot be ignored. Today it is unthinkable to conceive the world without this fantastic tool. With the Internet, learning to play the guitar is very fun and exciting through videos and other tutorials.

On the Internet, you can find many examples according to the style of guitar you want to practice, instructional videos, bases to accompany you in the background, online magazines, etc.

The problem of the Internet, which is also its biggest advantage, is that there is everything, absolutely everything, the worst and the best: free videos, free classes, payment methods, websites made by guitarists, etc. Do not disperse and waste your time in front of the screen, you have to know exactly what you are looking for. Do not hesitate to visit several web pages to compare the information and consult forums.


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