Different Types of Camping Which One Is Best for You?

Different Types of Camping Which One Is Best for You?
Different Types of Camping Which One Is Best for You?

No one can deny that there is no happier moment than going camping. If you want to pass quality time with your family, going camping great means of hiding yourself from monotonous daily tight schedule.

But have you ever given a thought to what kind of camping you should prefer? Maybe not, because you don’t know how many forms of camping are there.

This article will split down all shorts of camping that will help you get to know them and will interest you heading off into camping.

Tent Camping

This is the most basic form of camping which involves stays one or more nights in the wilderness pitching a tent to escape from busy life. People mostly got to the countryside leaving the developed area to find a quiet place that can provide relaxation and bring enjoyment to them.

Tent camping can be enjoyed all the most throughout the year. One thing that must be considered while planning to go camping is the weather.

This kind of outdoor activities offer opportunities to work together and learn from nature. Preparing food, cooking, and eating outside surrounded by mountains will be the best options for refreshments and pleasures.


The backpacking also referred to hiking, is the kind of camping where the backpacker carries everything needed for the trip on the back. As all the gears are carried out with the backpack so it’s named as backpacking.

It requires a lot of walking through the wilderness. The staffs a hiker carries with include food, clothes, water, tents, sleeping pads and bags, stove, camping hatchet and so on.

It is crucial to pay attention to the weight of the backpack before you start hiking. The heavier the rucksack, the harder it is to bear, especially in the hilly areas. Specialists recommend taking not more than 25% weight of the backpacker.

However, the duration of hiking ranges from one night to one week, one month or even a few months. People prefer going to national and state park, forest area and wilderness for backpacking. This kind of outdoor recreation inspires people to win any adventurers.

Adventure Camping

Serious campers like doing some adventures while they are on a camping trip. It involves areas and rare wildlife. Unlike other campers, adventurers look for what else nature can offer them. While they hike daylong to enjoy the forest, at night they start setting up the camp for having a sound sleep.

Canoe Camping

I like most canoe camping because it combines travelling a long distance on the water using canoes or kayaks. I think this is the most comfortable form of recreation keeping away from the crowd of the human.

While the backpackers carry supplies within a pack on the back, canoe campers don’t need to carry the gears as they travel by canoe. And canoe allows taking more weight to last the expedition for several days without hard work.

There is no more enjoyable moment than going anywhere the wave takes you. However, before planning on the trip, you need to learn how to paddle through the water body. It is better to accompany another person to avoid unexpected happening. If you are not experienced one, don’t go too far from the shore.

Bicycling Camping

Camping on a bicycle is not only a trip but an adventure too.  The ability to go anywhere bicycling is a great skill and very appealing.

It is the most simple and affordable way to go around and see the world. That is why it’s becoming a more popular form of camping in the world. Unlike hiker, the bicycle campers can stay in the hostel at night so you are not confined only in the forest.

The only problem with the bicycling trip is that you don’t have more space to store extra supplies what is why experts recommend having an attachable trunk for extra storage. It is suggested to choose lightweight gears and lower quality tents and sleeping bags for such kind of camping.


The word ‘glamping’ comes from the combination of glamour and camping which means a kind of camping with all facilities to make a luxurious tent living.

Glamping is for those who want to go camping with no sacrifice of daily life needs and comforts. While on the adventure, the travellers afford everything including a bed for sleeping, toilet, real mattress, furniture, electricity, kitchen, and other storage. Can you imagine how glamorous it would be when you have all the modern facilities in the middle of the forest? Even you don’t need to pitch tents, unroll bags for sleeping and make fire. This has become a common tradition in American rich society. However, as the glamping allows campers to bring all supplies so it is suitable for any season.

Survivalist Camping

Lastly, I have come up with one of the most adventurous outdoor trips. Can you assume what I am talking about? This is survivalist camping which is the most difficult and extreme kind of travelling and requires many skills.

A survivalist experiences different dangerous situations and has to overcome difficulties to be alive in the wilderness. People who would like to learn how to survive in the wilderness prefer survivalist camping.

The most important skills a survivalist should master are fire making, knotting, pitching tents, building shelter, cooking, cutting trees, prying and so on.

The beginners should not choose this form of outdoor activities because they may fall in danger in extreme condition due to lack of experience.