Controlling Your Child’s Smartphone and Screen Time

Control Your Child’s Smartphone
Control Your Child’s Smartphone

One of the significant issues parents nowadays face is dealing with their children’s smartphones and screen time. Children have now switched from physical activities to always using phones which has had a massive impact on their health. 

Using the smartphone all the time is not great at all. Children get lazy; it’s not good for their mental health; they don’t feel like studying and get into trouble. 

How Can You Control Your Child’s Smartphone? 

Are you a parent who’s worried about their child’s smartphone activities? Don’t know if there’s something that’s leading your child towards drugs or anything related? Well, this is why you need to click here and opt for a parental control app for your child’s smartphone. 

Many parental control apps help monitor their child’s phone activities, locate your child on an actual-time map, and more. Not to add, these apps also help in detecting and altering parents of any inappropriate activities your child might be engaged in. In addition, you can view your child’s texts through such apps, call history, websites visited, and much more. 

Moving on, such apps help a lot in keeping your child safe from cyberbullying, which is quite common in today’s world. Cyberbullying can take a toll on your child’s mental health, which is where you need to be careful. Moving on, you can also track your child’s location with such apps. This way, you will know where your child is at all times, and if you feel like your child is in danger, you can go to them ASAP. 

How To Control Your Child’s Screen Time? 

Is your child always on their phone? Is this having a negative effect on your child’s health? If yes, then it’s time you limit their screen time. Some ways you can do so include: 

Say No To Multi-Tasking

Most children out there feel like they are great at multitasking and use their phones while doing their homework. However, this is what’s not right for them at all. You should ask your children to put their phones away when doing their homework or any other school assignments. 

Encouraging Physical Activities

Nowadays, children hate physical activities. However, there is where you need to encourage your child. Going for a walk? Take your child with you and tell them you will play a game during the walk. Moreover, opt for other exciting games to ensure your child keeps their body moving. This is a must and should not be ignored at all.

No Electronics During Meals

Another rule you need to establish is no electronics during meals. You need to make sure to shut down the TV during meals. This also includes using no phones, no texting, no videos, movies, or anything of that sort. Enjoy this time chatting with the family instead of using the phone. 

No Screen Days 

A little digital detox is always good, and this is why there need to be no screen days in every household. Instead, there need to be other activities such as playing games like monopoly, scrabble, some dancing the house with the family, and more. Other activities include:

  • Carrying out family chores.
  • Getting enough rest.
  • Reading books.
  • Socializing with friends and family.
  • Enjoying nature. 

Wrapping it up! 

Here was how you can control your child’s smartphone as well as screen time. The methods mentioned above always work, so be smart and use them accordingly. Sure, it is not easy at all and will take some time, however, be patient.