Western Cape transport department works with Scientology Volunteer Ministers to protect commuters

Today, the taxi rank industry in Cape Town received more free sanitation of their taxis by a local disaster management NPO known as the Scientology Volunteer Ministers. They did this to lend a hand in mitigating the spread of Covid-19 in the public transport industry. To protect millions of lives.

This comes after the City of Cape Town and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers reached an agreement to fight this pandemic hand in hand.

Fearing the cross contamination that can result from the taxi industry, they started sanitizing immediately, blasting through tons of taxis as they went.

Accompanying the team of Volunteers were three staff from the City of Cape Town who were very impressed with the speed and efficiency of the Volunteers.

“The taxi industry is responsible for transporting a large number of the population, the chances of cross contamination are high in the industry and so the regular sanitation of these vehicles is essential in combatting this disease” said one of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers on the scene.

The drivers were happy that the Scientology Volunteer Ministers were doing this and were even assisting by cleaning up the inside of their vehicles and closing the windows after sanitation.

With the public transport sector now beginning to be regularly decontaminated in combination with elderly homes, this takes care of two of the three main areas of concern for the province.

“Scientology Volunteer Ministers are fundamental part of the Cape Town society and invaluable to the running of the many creative and supportive activities to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus” said the executive Mayor of Cape Town, Mr. Alderman Dan Plato.

From the beginning of the lockdown, Scientology Volunteer Ministers became known for sanitizing facilities of essential services and buildings. They are responsible for – government offices, police stations, shelters, homes for elderly, orphanages, and more to protect those essential services and the vulnerable and to assist in reducing the spread of the coronavirus around Gauteng.  But as the country went to level 3 and winter fast approaching, they became concerned about the virus spreading further and faster through taxis so they increased their area of operation and moved throughout the entire country.

They first sanitized a few hundred taxis a day, escalating to a few thousands rapidly.  Now, with the over 300 volunteers at work daily, they are now sanitizing thousands of taxis daily across the entire country.

Sandile Hlayisi Director of Public Affairs for the Scientology said “for the past 300+ days of the pandemic, they managed to decontaminate over 55, 458 buildings, and over a million essential services vehicles including ambulances, buses, taxis, army vehicles, polices cars, fire engines and more.

We have donated over 900 ,000 hours of voluntary work to mitigate the spread of the virus and educated millions on how to stay safe during this pandemic”

“We continue this humanitarian effort and will stop at nothing to assist their Country during these dark times” Added Hlayisi.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers are trained in disaster management from the study of the Volunteer Ministers technology written by L. Ron Hubbard more than 50 years ago.