Western Cape Shelters recieve standard sanitation during lockdown

Western Cape Shelters recieve standard sanitation during lockdown
Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

Since a partnership was created with the Western Cape Social Development Department during the lockdown, Scientology Volunteer Ministers have sanitized a full list of buildings which the Department had provided as the properties they were concerned about - a list that covered over 600 000m2.

The Department of Social Development for the Western Cape Province was most concerned with buildings that provided haven for the Countries most vulnerable, those included orphans, the elderly, the homeless and shelters that housed abused women.

The Volunteer Ministers are happy to report that all listed buildings have been sanitized now.
The buildings were located in over 171 locations in the Western Cape.

Throughout the weeks, the Volunteer Ministers went to all those locations at their own cost and sanitized each of the buildings to make people feel safer and more protected.

“It is a good accomplishment. We feel proud to back up Social Development and our President, I am very happy that the Western Cape Social development department is playing their part in the fight against covid-19” said Mandy Pelser, Spokesperson for the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

She reminds that after each sanitization is done, it is up to each organization to follow up and keep up high hygiene and sanitization daily. According to Pelser, after each sanitization, people are even educated on basic hygiene points to keep in and are provided with booklets printed in Zulu, Sotho, Xhosa and English that lays out some of those basics.