Volunteers dedicate thousands of hours to fight Covid-19

Volunteers dedicate thousands of hours to fight Covid-19
Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers have just announced they have now surpassed the 400,000 hours’ mark of the volunteer work they have given the country since lockdown was announced by President Ramaphosa on 26 March 2020. Extremely concerned by what would occur to South Africa, the Volunteer Ministers went ahead and started sanitizing essential services such as clinics, government buildings, taxis and more to help make people safer – all at their own cost.

Aware they were putting their life at risk by regularly going to many buildings that had been exposed to covid-19 cases, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers are also thrilled to announce that none of their 300 volunteers have contacted the serious disease – an impressive statement in itself.

“Needless to say, we were a bit concerned at first by the threat of contacting covid-19. But as we went, and as we use one of the best decontaminants that kills 99.9% of the virus, we went ahead and selflessly assisted others in time of the worst disaster seen on this planet,” said Sandile Hlayisi, Public Affairs Director for the Scientology Volunteer Minister.

Armed as well with the Volunteer Ministers technology written by L. Ron Hubbard 50 years ago, they continue to even find more ways to assist.

A Provincial Coordinator for the Department of Home Affairs Eastern Cape wrote, “I have personally seen the benefit of the free online Tools for Life faith-based courses that you offer and the complimentary hygiene training that you have offered my staff to enhance their safety and the safety of those they serve. That you give of yourselves, ceaselessly and freely, to enrich and protect the lives of those around you regardless of race, color or creed makes you a religion of religions.”

Also impressed by the work done by Scientologists to fight against drugs, promote human rights as well as the moral code The Way to Happiness and more, the Queen Sheba wrote, “And now, you are topping it up with all the activities of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers. I don’t know how many lives you have saved – I do not know that anyone can come close to a guess – but if there is a Heaven, you have surely assured your way there by your extensive actions.”

Since they started, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers have sanitized more than 53,000,000 square meters, including 25,000 buildings and 711,561 taxis, police cars, buses ambulances and fire trucks. “We are happy to have contributed more than 400,000 hours of volunteer work as our humanitarian contribution to the essential services and the community at large,” concluded Sandile Hlayisi.