Training going on full swing to give people practical tools during pandemic

Scientology Volunteer Ministers: Special guest - Gauteng MEC for Transport - joins in for sanitizing
Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

After months of sanitizing thousands of buildings, taxis, ambulances and buses to protect citizens at their own cost, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers are now starting a parallel phase on training people so they have practical tools to defend themselves with.

Recognizing that sanitization was and still is vital although not lasting forever, they now want to concurrently start to give people Tools for Life as those will remain with them forever.

While it is often assumed that people should know many things — how does one raise a child, how to be prosperous with a business even during a pandemic, or even how to maintain personal integrity or how to establish one’s goals and how to make those happen even during such period of time — according to the Scientology Volunteer Ministers, it is not always the case.

“So we decided to open up to others in a big way,” said Sandile Hlayisi, Public Affairs Director for the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

Looking at the current scene, with people hungry and not being able to eat every day, with thousands of jobs lost, and with people not knowing what to do or where to go, Scientology Volunteer Ministers looked at what else they could do to assist their community.

“We are now offering training for free so people have actual practical tools to use to help themselves. The free online courses give people simple guidance and basic directions on what to do. Although simple, those are remarkably powerful,” said Hlayisi. He says people don’t have to change religion but on the contrary, it will make them better at their own religion.

According to Sandile Hlayisi, people at all levels of society have started to do the training and the impact it already had in their life has been nothing but spectacular.
A woman who has been recently working with the Scientology Volunteer Ministers in sanitizing buildings said the following after completing her courses “The Communication course completely changed me.

I have been working in the community and activating others as well. I would not have been able to do that before, but after finishing that course I was able to and have been doing so!” Her daughter also completed all 19 Tools for Life courses and here is what she says about her daughter, “She has totally changed as a person since doing the Tools for Life courses! She is doing so well in life now. She is the best student in her IT class at college. She is now even tutoring the rest of her class in order to help them. This is all they talk about the courses and say they are the children of L. Ron Hubbard and his teachings.”
A Christian pastor who completed the Tools for Life courses said, “I have been acknowledged by traditional leader’s forum for my improved ability to contribute to the group. They have noticed a big change in my attitude and abilities!” His successes have gone further than this, “I have used the knowledge from the Tools for Life courses in order to start my own business! My businesses is doing so well and this is because I have the knowledge and am using it to succeed! I am doing well in all parts of my life that I am involved in and seeing results!”

Hlayisi says that those tools have use in every part of life and that anyone can make it once they have that knowledge under their belt. “From hearing it from some of the people who did all the Tools for Life courses, I can see we can really make a marked change in everybody’s life and through this, impact the whole of South Africa and more. I had people telling me they learn not to give up in life, that there is hope, that the dreams they had abandoned long ago can be restored and accomplished and all that warm my heart like nothing else,” said Hlayisi.