Scientology Volunteer Ministers: 500 facililities sanitized in Gauteng to help the vulnerable

Scientology Volunteer Ministers: 500 facililities sanitized in Gauteng to help the vulnerable
Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

Over the past 6 months, Scientology Volunteer Ministers visited 500 facilities in Gauteng alone to help the vulnerable, specifically the old age homes, orphanages and shelters for women’s abuses and homeless.  Noticing how important those people are to the President of South Africa, Scientologists went ahead to assist by sanitizing 330 properties.

As part of sanitizing those facilities, the Volunteer Ministers also educate people on how to maintain high hygiene and continue the sanitization daily to protect people longer.   They provide Stay Well booklets printed in three languages – Zulu, Sotho and English – so people know what to do to survive better.

A director of a child welfare home who experienced the service stated, “You coming here gave us hope. We feel safer! Now we have tools to keep the place safe. We are very, very, very thankful!”

A Scientology Volunteer Minister narrated that in an orphanage, a young boy was traumatized by what he had heard of the virus and refused to go to his closet, certain the coronavirus was hiding there.  He was scared to open the door.   He was explained how the virus spread, his closet was sanitized and the boy felt safe now knowing there was no problem anymore.

The manager of a senior home commented “I am very happy.  You are such professionals! I loved the way that you explained to the residents and staff all the information in the booklets. The nurses now know how to keep themselves and others well and they are going to get all the residents to read the booklets and implement this in the property.”

Sandile Hlayisi, Public Affairs Director for the Scientology Volunteer Ministers, is proud of the work done by the teams on the ground.   “We are empowered with the Volunteer Minister technology written by L. Ron Hubbard more than 50 years ago for South Africa.

Like everybody, when the lockdown hit ten weeks ago, it created quite some confusion amongst us.  But we fell back on our feet very fast, looked at how we could best contribute and we have been going around sanitizing and educating people on how to protect themselves ever since.”  He claims they have assisted hundreds of thousands.