SA Army headquarters and formations sanitised to allow them to protect the nation safely

SA Army headquarters and formations sanitised to allow them to protect the nation safely

Over the past 10 days, the SA Army Headquarters of Gauteng and other Army Formations have been decontaminated by the Scientology Volunteer Ministers as part of their humanitarian work to protect those essential services.

This was done to allow those services to continue their essential work in
protecting the Nation, while they are themselves safer.
Knowing that soldiers are on the very front line and are thus more opened
to catch the virus, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers offered their assistance in sanitizing their buildings for free-which would have been cost-prohibitive
otherwise. After obtaining letters of authorization from each of those formations,the Volunteer Ministers went to work.

Since this week, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers have equipped
themselves with a new, more powerful machine which can decontaminate double
the space in less time. “Those machines were very timely, said Philippa
Sondergaard, one of the Volunteer Ministers on the ground assisting the army.
“Working with the military, I have found any of those men very welcoming
and fantastic to work with.While most people are at home, those courageous
people had to be on duty to serve, risking their life as they encounter Covid-

My team and I were pleased to be of service to them,” Sondergaard added.
The Scientology Volunteer Ministers have been working in assisting the
country ever since the President of South Africa announced the lockdown. From
their 175,000 hours of volunteer works, they have a long list of 106 partnerships they have signed with municipalities, Metro Police stations, government departments and a whole array of other groups. They say they are proud to add the army to it.

As one of the military man stated, “As human beings, we need to ensure
that we back the situation at hand, not to shy away or run away. A divided
nation cannot withstand any challenge. But united we stand. We do that and so
are the Scientology Volunteer Ministers. After sanitization from the Volunteer
Ministers, I know my people are safer as they go home in their busses. They will
be able to help the day after. This is important. We have to take this further to our families at large and ensure that all South Africa is safer.”