Practical tools taught for better survival in Johannesburg Region E

Scientology Volunteer Ministers
Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

After sanitizing many government buildings and police stations, a Deputy Director from Region E is now asking for training from the Scientology Volunteer Ministers to get people better equipped with Tools for Life during the pandemic but as well for life in general.

Seeing the abilities of the Volunteer Ministers have in dealing with the pandemic for the past nearly 6 months and noticing that none of them caught covid-19 although they regularly go to sanitize buildings where there were positive covid-19 cases, he is now interested in providing those practical tools to his community.

After thousands of square meters of municipal buildings, police stations, etc, were sanitized in Region E, and while those sanitizations continue, the Deputy Director is now ready to provide practical help to people in his region.

“People really need these skills!”, the deputy director stated.
He added, “I am definitely going to get myself and others through it. I have seen the benefit others have had. I am impressed by how many people are interested in this training. I am going to keep working out how we can continue to get many more people trained!”
Sandile Hlayisi, Public Affairs Director for the Scientology Volunteer Ministers commented that too often, it is expected people know some basics of life but as it is not taught anywhere, people struggle in life to find out. Many hit and miss, he says.

He stated that where the training on the Tools for Life started such as in military bases, government offices, municipalities, parishes and more, people’s abilities are changing a lot and “for the much better.”
“I have seen changes in people’s eyes as they learn the Tools for Life. When they learn one of those practical tools about something that had been a real problem in their life for long and they now have a practical way to deal with it right then and there, the sparkles in their eyes says it all. It is a very precious moment we are happy to share with them,” says Hlayisi.

He claims that those Tools for Life are the exact tools the Scientology Volunteer Ministers are using daily to assist others. Written by L. Ron Hubbard for Africa more than 50 years ago, those tools are still very applicable to deal with day to day problems as well as to how to deal with a pandemic like this world had never experienced before. “We are happy to share this with others,” concluded Hlayisi.