Partnership with KZN Social Development will Protect 73 buildings housing South Africa’s most vulnerable

Partnership with KZN Social Development will Protect 73 buildings housing South Africa’s most vulnerable

This week, the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Social development signed a partnership with the Scientology Volunteer Ministers to decontaminate over 73 old age homes, disability shelters and orphanages in KwaZulu-Natal. This partnership comes about as a combined effort from the Department and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers to play their role in keeping the most vulnerable protected during this pandemic.

The Volunteer Ministers went to work instantly despite putting themselves in harm’s way from the virus to decontaminate the first 40 buildings, from Durbansville Children’s home, to shelters for abused women, trauma centers, youth care centers, homeless shelters, old age centers and orphanages.

After the Volunteers decontaminated the Chatsworth Cheshire home in Durban, the manager said, “I saw on the back of your jacket it says Scientology Volunteer Ministers. You are like Doctors without Borders, but instead of helping just one country, you are helping the whole world. Thank you so much!”

Apart from KZN, the Volunteer Ministers also have teams in Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Gauteng and Free State mitigating the spread of the virus. So far they have decontaminated over 15,995,920 square meters, over 270,915 vehicles including ambulances, army cars, Police cars including 260,000 taxis, which they do at the tune of 13,000 taxis a day, throughout South Africa during the lockdown.

“We love working with Social Development because they care for the most vulnerable people in our society. It is without a doubt that we are willing to back them up during this pandemic as it is our purpose to bring succor during times like these. Nothing gives us more joy than playing our part in this struggle of ensuring that we all come out on the other side victorious” said, Sandile Hlayisi, Public Affairs Director for the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

Hlayisi says he is proud to be a Scientology Volunteer Minister, “Our strength comes from the Volunteer Ministers Technology of L. Ron Hubbard we have all studied and which has empowered us in this way”

They are resolute to carry on and support the Country throughout this pandemic.