New School Shoes for Cape Learners

New School Shoes for Cape Learners
Stepping into success - Xavier Pretorius and Achuma Dingiswayo eagerly try on their new shoes

In its ongoing commitment to support the Mitchell’s Plain community, Liberty Promenade recently spearheaded an initiative to provide school shoes for children in need. Recognizing the critical need for adequate footwear among young learners, the mall took action to address this pressing issue, and following input from its shoppers, Wavecrest Primary School was selected as the beneficiary school.

The handover event, which took place on 22 February, was met with smiles and gratitude from the learners. The donation of school shoes comes at a crucial time as many learners in South Africa face challenges with inadequate or worn-out footwear, including hand-me-downs that are often ill-fitting. The result is often discomfort, blisters or a reluctance to participate in physical activities.

The initiative was made possible through the proceeds from ticket sales of Liberty Promenade’s “Happy Lab” festive activation. Thanks to the support of shoppers, 30 learners each received a pair of brand new school shoes, symbolizing the collective effort in addressing this important need. The beneficiary learners reside in various areas, including Rocklands, Strandfontein, Bayview, and San Remo, with some commuting from Phillippi and Khayelitsha.

Studies have shown that access to proper footwear significantly impacts children’s ability to attend school regularly and engage in physical activities. Liberty Promenade’s initiative aims to remove barriers to education and empower children in Mitchells Plain and surrounds to flourish academically and personally.

Brenda Bibby, General Manager of Liberty Promenade, expressed the mall’s commitment to educational equity, stating, “We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive in school, regardless of their socio-economic background. By providing school shoes to children, we hope to remove a barrier to education and empower these children to reach their full potential.”

In appreciation of the support from Liberty Promenade, Deon Bougardt, the principal of Wavecrest Primary School, stated, “We are grateful for the support of Liberty Promenade, who shares our commitment to educational progress. We believe that being dressed in full uniform instils discipline. This initiative will help empower these learners to feel loved and attend school properly dressed.”

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