Moti Cares Foundation feeds KZN’s hungry

Moti Cares Foundation feeds KZN’s hungry
Moti Group Director Ashraf Kaka, Premier Sihle Zikalala with community members in Crossmore as they received food parcels

Destitute communities across Kwa-Zulu Natal are still reeling from the aftermath of the devastating riots which took place earlier this month, leading to widespread supply chain disruptions and food shortages. The Moti Cares Foundation and the Sihle Zikalala Development Trust thus launched an ambitious two million meal food drive on Friday, seeking to provide relief to those in need through offering food and other essential goods.

Speaking to a community in Crossmore, Durban, Chief Advisor of the Moti Group Ashruf Kaka noted that this initiative was launched in the spirit of South Africans coming together to help other South Africans.

“We were hurt by what was going on in KwaZulu Natal and how people were going to bed hungry, the elderly and children starving and some too fatigued to even get out of bed. We decided to help by bringing food to the people. We hope this initiative provides relief to those most affected and that the food parcels alleviate hunger pangs,” he said.

On the first day of the initiative’s roll-out, volunteers from the Moti Cares Foundation distributed 3,000 parcels containing rice, dahl, cooking oil, mielie meal, Nutriwell boxes, as well as other key essentials such as sanitary pads, face masks and hand sanitisers.

One community member, Ntombi Khanyile (56), noted that this food parcel would provide her first full meal in three days. “Words don’t describe how I am feeling today. We haven’t had a decent meal in over three days. As neighbours, we have been sharing what little we had to get us through. But with these [food parcels] we will be able to eat until we are full instead of rationing the little we had,” she said.

“Hunger makes people irrational. The riots have left a lot of people without and when people don’t have anything they don’t think. So we are grateful that Moti Cares and the premier have identified us to receive these parcels. Now our people can go back to being civil towards one another,” added community member Edith Ngubane (62).

Also speaking at the Crossmore event, KZN Premier, the Honourable Sihle Zikalala, said that he was pleased that the partnership between Moti Cares and the Sihle Zikalala Trust could support the people of KwaZulu Natal through meeting their immediate need for food.

“When we were last here, we saw people’s lives disrupted by the riots, with so many people unable to access food. We are grateful that Moti Cares has been able support this community. In times like these, it is important to show unity,” Zikalala said.

The initiative will continue throughout the weekend.

Spokespeople are available to speak about this amazing outreach initiative and media are also invited to attend.

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