Local animal shelter needs urgent help to extend its sanctuary for abandoned pets

4 Paws and a Tale Rescue sanctuary
4 Paws and a Tale Rescue sanctuary

Caring for unwanted, abandoned, and abused animals requires extensive running costs, and lots of space, with the need growing every month. This month, Scottburgh-based NPO 4 Paws and a Tale Rescue was inundated with more abandoned puppies and kittens needing food, love and medical attention, prompting its community-wide call for support.

“We are caring for 54 dogs and 8 cats at our 4 Paws and a Tale Rescue sanctuary, while feeding hundreds of dogs in surrounding areas, and we’ve just received another batch of puppies in need,” commented Nicky Koekemoer of 4 Paws and a Tale Rescue. “We cannot turn animals in need away, but this does mean we need to extend our sanctuary. That’s why we’re calling for donations of building blocks to extend our wall, giving more space for our beloved pups to run free.”

Koekemoer said the running cost of the sanctuary, as well as their outreach programme, runs into the thousands as food, sterilisation, and medical costs all have to be covered. The NPO is wholly reliant on outside donations and community support, and the need continues to grow.

For years, Nicky and her selfless team of volunteers have cared for abused and neglected strays, fought to prevent animal abuse, and re-homed dogs and cats to forever homes. Realising her dream, Nicky now has an animal shelter at her farm, but they have reached maximum capacity. Donations of building blocks mean they can accommodate more animals in need.

How can you help?

  • Fund or donate building blocks (not bricks) which can be dropped at the Umzinto sanctuary or contact Nicky on 084 626 5508 to collect.
  • Donate dog and cat food, blankets, kennels, or tick and flea medication.
  • Support the Tale End Charity Shop in Thira Village, 142 Scott Street, Scottburgh.
  • Adopt a pet.
  • Donate cash to support sterilisations, food programmes, and running costs.


Bank Details

Name: 4 Paws and a Tale Rescue NPO

Bank: FNB

Branch code: 260225

Account number: 63020490023

International Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

To learn more about 4 Paws and a Tale Rescue, contact Nicky on 084 626 5508 or [email protected].