Kagiso Trust launches national survey

Kagiso Trust launches national survey
Mandisa Tselane Kagiso Trust.

Kagiso Trust has launched a national survey to understand and learn the community resilience shown, as South Africans continue to deal with the socio-economic effects of Covid-19.

The national survey invites community based organisations (CBOs) and nongovernmental organisation (NGOs) to share their experiences in supporting of disadvantaged communities. It asks the organisations to share their experiences on partnership, on accessing resources and on any interaction with government at this time. It further asks them to share ideas on new challenges and strategies for the immediate future.

Kagiso Trust, an organisation that supported NGOs and CBOs during the anti-apartheid struggle and currently working to overcome poverty, will use the strategies to shape its future programmes.

“Communities all over South Africa have shown resilience in the face of Covid-19,” says Communications and Marketing Head, Mandisa Tselane, “We salute these communities, and commend CSOs and CBOs for their quick and effective response.”

While the survey seeks to highlight community resilience as communities navigate their way through the current difficult times, it also seeks to better understand the impact and reach of emergency responses, and to learn about obstacles communities encounter as they respond to the pandemic. “We want to engage on how these barriers may be overcome, and how we can use what we learn as we continue the struggle to overcome poverty, inequalities and socio-economic injustice.”

Organisations, individuals and informal groups that have been involved in the Covid-19 emergency response are invited to take part in the survey which closes 30 October. Kagiso will share the results of the survey with all respondents.

The survey can be accessed via this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KTresilience